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How to Build an Auction Website with WordPress?

If you are looking to maximize your profits by selling unique products through auction website and wondering how to build one then you are at the right place folk.

Below we provide you with the ultimate guide to easily build an auction website using WordPress without you having to dirty your hands with programming.

Let’s get started with gathering the paraphernalia

You will require a few things to build your own auction website using WordPress, below is the list of stuff you will need.

  • Right WordPress Auction theme
  • Right WordPress Auction addon
  • Undivided attention for 40 minutes.

Yes, just 40 minutes and you have your auction website ready to have your hands on.

Overview of the process

Here, we not just take you through the step by step procedure but also guide you to get the best yet being at beneficiary side.

So, we will learn how to select the right WordPress Auction themes for your auction website, how to button on the bets WordPress Auction Plugin that provides you all the basic features to list and sell the items, how to configure auction features, add and manage the auctions on WordPress and grow the business.

Time to get the ball the rolling!

Here is the step by step procedure to get started with to build your auction website on your own without any idea of technical skills. 

Step 1 – Choose the suitable WordPress Auction theme

Almost all of the WordPress themes should allow you to build an auction website by installing the right plugin, but there are few auction purpose-built themes created with such settings to ease up things for you.

Some of the best WordPress Auction themes are:

  • Responsive WordPress auction Theme by SiteMile
  • Auction theme by PremiumPress
  • Penny Auction Theme by SiteMile

Step 2 – Choose the Right Auction plugin

The next step is to install a suitable plugin. The right plugin will add up functionality and features to your WordPress auction site. This is the most important step in building an auction site as you have to choose the right plugin that meets your requirements.

Some of the features a right plugin for your auction site will include the payment gateway integration, email notification, allows users to create accounts to list and bid items, charges a fee for adding a listing and ends the auction early with an option of buy now.

Some of the best WordPress Auction Plugins are:

  • Ultimate WordPress Auction Plugin
  • WordPress Auction Plugin
  • WooCommerce Simple Auctions

Step 3 – Install the Plugin and Configure the Auction features

After your button on the right plugin for you, install it and configure the plugin options to suit your preferences that may include the currency, language, PayPal email address, payments options,and others.

Step 4 – Create your first Auction Listing

Now comes the daunting task, here you need to describe your product in a way that grabs attention and provide the crystal-clear pictures or videos of the product also add a thumbnail from the uploaded pictures that will be displayed on the listing page.

Further, it’s just a matter of setting pricing options that include opening price, lowest price to accept, bid increment amount and buy now price. Also, set the end date and payment method before you tap on save changes.

Step 5 – Managing the Auctions

Any listing on your Auction site can be viewed in the manage auctions tab and allows you edit or end the auction, also to filter the auctions regardless of the auction are live or expired.

Step 6 – Publishing the Auctions

To publish you must have created at least one auction listing and then publish it on your auction site, to make it visible to your visitors. One of the easiest ways to do this is to create a new page in the WordPress and type a shortcode[wdm_auction_listing] in order to preview or publish that page and see the list of all the active auctions on your site.

Apart from these, you have to modify few changes to ask you a visitor to login or create an account to bid on an item. Also, change your preferences to allow the visitor question you about the product by leaving a message or to send you a private message for queries.

Wrapping Up!

So, this is how you build an auction website on your own using WordPress. You get a lot of WordPress themes to start with for free that include the basic features and functionalities an auction website will require but if you need advanced and top features for your auction websites then you have to go for the premium WordPress Auction themes and WordPress Auction Plugins.

But if you are just getting started and are a newbie then you better drop the premium route and give a shot to the basic themes and plugins and then upgrade your themes and Plugins to the premium version.

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