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how to carry pet dog in train

how to carry dog in train newspatrolling

Travelling with an animal that too in a public transport is not an easy task to do. There are lots of things you have to look after and do the planning, you must be prepared for the expenses and many more things. If you are carrying your dog with you on train then there are something that you have to keep in mind:

  • If you are planning to travel with your pet dog on train then you have to buy your dog a ticket.
  • You can book a carriage from the parcel department but you have to book it at least 48 hours in advance to the time of travel and yes most important thing make sure your pet does not trouble other fellow passengers.
  • If you haven’t purchased a ticket for your pet then you will be fined and may be TT can ask you to de-board for the same.
  • If the passenger sitting next to you is not comfortable to your pet to be in the compartment then it is their legal right they can demand to move out the pet to the parcel van. It is not even bad idea you can do so by leaving your pet with some food and water and on every station you can visit your pet and see if its okay.
  • If you have planned to book a carriage for your dog then make sure the carriage/ box is clean. Many times, it happens that it is not clean. So, For the good health of your pet you can ask the railway staff to clean it by paying some amount and then you can leave your pet in that carriage till you reach your stoppage.
  • Suppose you have thought to move your pet to the parcel van and in case if it is full then you can ask the railway staff and your pet would be moved in a carriage and placed next to the train driver which is also said as engine room there is only one room and if you are carrying single pet then you can move it there without any trouble.
  • Make sure that you are carrying all the necessary documents with you like your pets health card, fit to travel certificate and vaccination records because you might be asked by the TT to show the documents of your pet.
  • If your journey is bit long and when the engine of the train is changed at that time the guard too can be changed and you have to move your pet too at the same time. So its better to have a talk with the guard in advance so that if the engine and the guard changes at the time your pet would move with him and this process would be hassle free.

If you are travelling with Indian Railways then you don’t have to be stressed because if you ask fellow passengers sitting next to you politely and in a calm voice they will be cooperative enough to travel with your pet without creating any sort of problem. Pet lovers don’t want to leave their pet at home while they are travelling so most of them carry their pets along with them. In general pets are not permitted to travel on public transport but only in one condition you can take your pet with you on the trip if you carry your pet in carriage or pet box. Somehow there is a bit partiality with pet dogs and other pets if you have pet dog then you can take them along with you and you only have to buy ticket for them and no need of carriage but for other pets you must carry them in carriage if you wish your pet cum friend to accompany you to the place you are travelling.



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