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Buying a ‘home sweet home’ is like an expedition, in fact, more complicated than that because you are not clear about the destination. Which flat or house you will choose is always a mystery because you do not know what the final choice is.

Flats, villa, bungalow, terrace house, so many options are there on the list. What to choose, what not to choose, why to choose, many aspects put you in a mind-boggling situation.

The ultimate confusion that arises from this mess asks only one question – HOW TO CHOOSE BETWEEN THE TYPES OF PROPERTIES/HOUSES? 

A guide to answer all your questions 

Here is a detailed guide on choosing a property and what factor you should keep in mind.

Make a list of the types of residential properties – Choice is easy with many options in hand

To choose something, one should know all the available options. Your choice of a house can turn into a regretful decision if later, a property type comes in the knowledge that could suit the needs. The best is to make a list of the versions of residential structures and know about their basic features.

Here is a brief list of the most common types of properties –

Bungalow A one-storey house sometimes with an upper storey with windows that come outside
Flat A set of rooms in a large building with other flats on one floor
Cottage A small independent house usually in the countryside or on the outskirts of a city with the green area around
Terraced  A house that shares the walls with the neighbours from each side
End of terrace Quite similar to a terraced house but the only difference is that it is at the end of a row.
Detached A residential building with a large front and a back garden and stay detached from other houses or building. It also has a driveway as the structure has ample space.
Semi-detached  A house that is connected to another house but only from one side. It is also a large structure with ample space in front.


Find out the approximate prices and see if they match your budget or not?

90% decision for property selection depends on the price, and 10% is about the location, facilities etc. The big purchase is impossible without money. Making a budget is necessary to align the property purchase plan and make necessary arrangements at the right time. Knowing the prices of the properties can help a lot on the part of money management.

Here is the approximate price list for all types of properties –

Bungalow £300,000
Flat £157,000
Cottage £201,000
Terraced £200,552
End of terrace £225,000
Detached £352,300
Semi-detached £225,200


The upper list of prices should be sufficient to help you understand which one of these can fit well to your financial capacity of home buying. According to the idea on the cost part, it is possible to decide the final amount required through a mortgage.

The latest price list according to the types of houses is also available with every mortgage broker in the UK. Accordingly, selection of the mortgage lender can be made and also the deposit money becomes predictable.

Calculate all the related costs and tax charges involved according to the type of property because last-minute chaos is always wrong.

Do not forget the priorities on surroundings

Every house type has a different type of surrounding. If a cottage is in the countryside, a flat is usually between the crowd of the city. It is essential to stay clear and determined about the proximity you want around your house.

According to the area and surrounding the price range, vary a lot. Your career and lifestyle preferences are always able to guide you about the specific need on the location and the feel around. Work from home people can easily plan to live outside the city. However, those with busy routine and office routine need to stay in the city. 

The income factor is also a significant thing because you may have the desire to buy a bungalow with the green area, but your budget is of a flat. Your choice of surroundings should always be backed-up with the necessary research. The final decision needs to be calculative because big decisions occur rarely, and it is necessary to play safe for them.


Selection of a property is never difficult if you follow an organised approach.   The process is undoubtedly lengthy, but a but caution on every step assures a correct selection. Make sure that whatever you do is certain and planned.

Home buying is a once in a lifetime decision for many people, and it cannot afford any carelessness. Keep a useful guide with you, perhaps and a family member or a friend who is experienced in property buying. Consider everything in advance and take the final step only when you are confirmed and confident.

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