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How to choose the best travel insurance in 2020?

Travelling around the country or overseas has become a big challenge for all of us amidst the pandemic. However, owing to this situation, things cannot come to a stop. Travelling for businesses, trips to the worksite, going back to the hometown, etc. have been some common observations during this pandemic as well. But the question is, do we really pay much attention to what might possibly go wrong? With all the possible concerns and pandemic worry, do we think what else might go wrong during this travel phase? Here is where Travel Insurance comes into the picture. 

Why do you need a Travel Insurance plan?

Travel insurance protects you from the various expenses incurred during any unfortunate situation while you are travelling, e.g., medical emergency, trip cancellation, loss of baggage, etc. It gives you a privilege to travel without worrying about a thing while you are on your way. Moreover, the plan comes at a very minimal cost. Your travel insurance starts right from the start of your trip until the time you arrive back home. 

 Few important things to take into account before purchasing travel insurance in 2020:

In the current ongoing pandemic situation where things would still take months to get back to the pre-covid state, travelling with an optimum travel insurance plan is important over everything. Certain situations covered before the pandemic outbreak might not be covered now. You might need a considerable amount of scrutiny before buying a travel plan, depending on the changing needs due to the pandemic. Here are some vital factors that need to be considered before buying a travel insurance plan in 2020:

  1. Know the criteria or medical complications and then go for a strong cover as per that. Check the limit of medical expenses that your travel insurance would provide if you get injured or fall sick on a trip or if need any kind of medical emergency occurs that cannot be covered in your normal health plan. Also, check if there is any emergency evacuation service that your travel insurance plan offers during any medical emergency.
  1. Check if the insurer you are opting for provides the necessary assistance. You can check the online reviews of the different insurers to find the best plan as per your suitability. Before you select a plan, compare the characteristics and advantages of different plans and providers.
  1. See if your policy provides reimbursement of nonrefundable reservations regardless of the reason for the trip’s cancellation. Also, check if the plan covers baggage and personal belongings.
  1. While selecting a plan, bear in mind your journey, place of a visit, and travel time, find out which form of policy would be best for you.
  1. Check for the plan’s exclusions to avoid any kind of unpleasant surprise during the claim process. Some of the common exclusions are a pre-existing medical condition, an illness caused by consuming illegal substances like drugs, terrorism, natural calamities, breaking of the law, etc
  1. During the current Covid situation, if you happen to catch COVID-19 while you are travelling, check if the insurance policy covers the medical expenses and hospitalization expenses for it. 

The admissibility of claims shall be calculated solely in compliance with the terms and conditions of the insurer’s regulation. 

By now, all the readers must be sure that it’s a must to have travel insurance. Aditya Birla, Bharti Axa, Bajaj Allianz, and HDFC ERGO are a few top-notch travel insurers in India.

The bottom line is that travel insurance is a very inexpensive policy, so basically you pay only for those days when you are travelling (varies from insurer to insurer that covers almost more than 20 unplanned accidents.

The best part is if you’ve already booked your tickets and forgotten to buy your travel insurance policy. There are insurance companies that have the option of last-minute or purchase on the same day of your travel. All you need to do is visit the official website, fill in the required details, and buy your policy at just one click. Yeah, it’s that simple!

 Have a happy and safe journey!

By Mr. Rakesh Goyal, Director, Probus Insurance




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