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How to clean a house that we put on sale

How to clean a house that we put on sale

When a house or apartment is put up for sale, the first impression is what counts; every detail must be coldly calculated since those few minutes of attention are crucial to generate an emotion that drives visitors to buy.

Although it seems incredible, people can take a bad image and not buy a house for the simple fact that, when visiting, they found dirty dishes in the sink. Remember that more than a house, what you are selling is a lifestyle, a good atmosphere and each corner should inspire just that.

A to attractive house for sale

The key is to make the buyer feel at home, in a cozy place where he is comfortable and that is easier to get if the place is clean and tidy all day and at all hours. It will be exhausting, we will not deny it, but you can “get by” with these tips we have prepared for you.

Reduce the space you use

If you have to continue living in the house while you sell it, we recommend that you keep certain areas or rooms unused. Prohibit entry or reduce activities to what is really necessary to prevent constant activity soiling the room and disorderly. The mere fact of entering a room already makes it fill with the dust that we bring in the shoes, so it is really important to avoid it and be able to save you the cleaning work.

Your house always ordered

You have to be ready always. Although it sounds simple it is a real challenge because it means that you cannot afford not to clean to rest. You have to keep the sink clean and free of dishes, the surfaces cleared and everything always in place. We know that this can be exhausting, but you should know that potential buyers can appear at any time and you cannot risk having the house made a mess.

Pretend until you get it

Having the house impeccable 24 hours a day is a great challenge and it is normal that sometimes we get out of hand. That’s why you can follow our cleaning tips for unexpected visits and make your home look clean and tidy even if it is not. Think of the areas visible to the potential buyer and take care to hide the clutter in cupboards and drawers that most likely will not open during the trip. Remember that this should only be done in case of emergency; the best thing is that you are really prepared.

Daily cleaning list

So that your mind does not betray you, write down all the tasks that you must perform so that your house is clean and do not go to sleep or do not leave the house if you have not met all of them. Comply with your  cleaning calendar  religiously and this will not only help you to keep your home clean and sell fast, but you will be able to  create good cleaning habits  that you can apply throughout your life. Your list can include not sleeping without having flushed the toilet, washing all the dishes in the sink and tidying up all the surfaces.

Hire cleaning professionals

Hire Cleaning Professionals – Over the years, several areas of your house accumulate dirt without you knowing. You will not realize the seriousness of the matter until you start moving and all that dirt comes to light. You will find scenes of terror when having to clean behind the appliances, under the furniture or when cleaning the radiator of the heating. Having to deal with this can be an overwhelming and never-ending job. Even if you have all the will of the world, it will be difficult for you to be able to do everything you have to clean or to do quickly. For this reason, we recommend that when you put your house up for sale; hire a cleaning team that is responsible for cleaning what you see and what you do not see so that your home looks like new. Your new owners will always thank you.

If you are planning to sell your house or rent it again, you can count on the Cleaning team to help you to show your best face to potential buyers or tenants. Request without commitment a budget of thorough cleaning for floors and houses and in only 1 day we will clean more than 200 areas of your house thoroughly.

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