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How to Clean the Touchscreen of your Smartphone or Tablet

Smartphones these days have mostly touch screen as display and all the tablets have the touch screen as display. While using smartphone or tablet there is a common issue of cleaning its touchscreen. It is very easy to clean the touchscreen of smartphone or tablet but a lot of things should be kept in mind. We here got what to do and what not to do for cleaning the touchscreen of your smartphone. These are very simple tips but recommended to keep in mind to be on the safe side. After cleaning your phone/tablet or computer/laptop touchscreens you can play Grande Vegas online casino. Here you have 2 different options to play online casino games while sitting at home – Downloadable Play or Instant Play. By the way below we have mentioned Do’s and Don’ts to remember while cleaning touchscreens:-

What Not To Do

Before knowing how to clean your smartphone or tablet’s touch screen, you should note down few precautions which you need not to do.

Never use any kind of chemicals like glass cleaner or windex to clean the touch screen. Also avoid using ammonia or alcohol based cleaners. Touchscreen gets clean up very easily and no chemical is needed for that.

Never use water to clean the touchscreen as it may completely damage your smartphone or tablet. If necessary, slightly damp a microfiber cloth in water and use it to clean the touchscreen. Also try to keep your device power off while cleaning it with water damp microfiber cloth.

Don’t use plastics, tissue paper, or any other hard cloth which might put a scratch on the touchscreen of your device. Such damage cannot be recovered in any how so keep this thing in mind.

Don’t put high pressure on to the touchscreen while cleaning it as it may damage your device.

Note down these points in mind before cleaning the touchscreen of your smart device.

First, Power off your device if you are using water to clean the touchscreen. But if you are not using water or any other kind of liquid then this point can be ignored.

Use microfiber cloth to clean the touchscreen and wipe the microfiber cloth horizontally and vertically on the touchscreen in repeating directions. Don’t rub the cloth on the touchscreen as it may rub the dirt into the screen which may cause damage of the screen.

You can use a very small amount of water while cleaning (if necessary). You can damp the microfiber cloth into the water and then use that to clean the touchscreen as mentioned in the above step.

Now wipe the touchscreen with the dry part of the microfiber cloth as you wiped in the second step.

This process will require only few seconds and very less efforts. It will easily wipe out the dirt and oil from the touchscreen of your smartphone or tablet.

How to Clean the Microfiber Cloth

The microfiber cloth which is recommended to clean the touchscreen should be cleaned itself. You can clean the microfiber cloth by rinsing it through soap water and let it dry. Do not put any kind of chemical to clean the microfiber cloth.

You can also buy special solutions to clean the touchscreen available in the market like iKlenz and Monster CleanTouch but cleaning the touchscreen by the microfiber cloth will be sufficient. Keep your hands clean while using your smart device and avoid using the device if your hands have any kind of oil or dirt.

Video Tutorial

Check out this video to learn how to properly clean your touchscreen phone.

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