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HOW TO CLEAN YOUR CAR| Interior and Exterior Cleaning Tips

car cleaning

Exterior cleaning

Wash your car regularly

For an impeccable maintenance of the bodywork of your vehicle it is essential to wash it regularly. The bodywork is permanently exposed to pollution, bird droppings, tree sap, etc … Washing your car prevents these aggressive substances from having time to become embedded and damaging the paint.

How to wash your car efficiently

First of all it is very important to use a detergent for car wash such as Super Car Wax Shampoo or Beauty Shine Shampoo. Dishwashing products have too much degreasing power that can destroy the protective layer of the paint. Car Powder Coating is also best option.

Step 1

Fill a bucket with water and dilute the Super Wax Shampoo or Beauty Shine Shampoo according to the recommended dosages.

2nd step

Open the doors, trunk and hood and clean the door, trunk and so on.

Close everything.

Step 3

Eliminate all dust and impurities by thoroughly spraying the car with clear water.

To eliminate insects and / or bird droppings use a product such as Anti-Insects to avoid scratching the lacquer.

Step 4

Use a clean sponge and start washing the horizontal parts, such as the roof, windshield and trunk. Rinse each part after washing.

Step 5

After the horizontal parts, wash the vertical parts and keep the lower parts for the end, as they are also the dirtiest ones. Finish with the front, back and rocker panels.

Step 6

Finally, clean the rims with a suitable product such as the Wheel Cleaner. Sprinkle rims with product, leave on for 10 to 15 minutes.

Treat stubborn dirt with a brush and clean the entire rim with a sponge. Rinse under a powerful jet of water.

Step 7

Rinse the entire car thoroughly by holding the jet near the bodywork so that the water flows and does not drop, which will facilitate drying.

Step 8

Dry the car immediately with a clean chamois or cotton cloth starting at the top.

Step 9

After drying the outside, open the doors, hood and trunk and dry the uprights.

Step 10

As a finishing touch, use the Bumper & Tire Dressing to give the bumpers, moldings and sidewalls their shine.

Interior cleaning

Step 1

After removing the floor mats, vacuum the interior and the trunk. Shake the floor mats to remove as much dirt and dust as possible and then vacuum them.

2nd step

Clean stains on carpets and seats with Cleanser.

If you have leather interior, clean it with leather cleaner and apply a nourishing product that keeps the leather soft and comfortable.

Step 3

Dust off all vents, dashboard joints, radio and other buttons. Always start at the top so that dust does not re-deposit on already cleaned areas.

Step 4

Use the Multi Cleaner to clean the dashboard, console and door panels. Spray the product on the surfaces to be cleaned and dry with paper towel or cloth.

Step 5

Lastly, clean the windows with a specific cleaner such as the Glass Cleaner, which leaves no marks and is not aggressive for the dashboard and other plastics. Spray one glass at a time and wipe with an absorbent paper towel or cloth that does not leave any dust on the windows.

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