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How to Configure AOL App in Windows and iPhone?

Today’s generation is very much eager to know about the machinery. Whenever new techniques or some new model came they are very scorching to check them and lay one’s hands on them as soon as possible. Every time new model came in the market regarding laptop we all were very much curious to buy it but the most tedious work after buying the laptop is to set up everything again. Again we have to transfer all the data with our all account configuration but the best thing is that if you are an AOL account user then you can easily do this task by the AOL Mail App. If you have an account whether it is for business use or personal use you have to configure this in your new system.

In this article, I’ll give you the whole idea in a very descriptive manner to set up this process without any kind of too much hustle. Because we all know AOL App is a kind of software which is very handy to use any time of or by any stage of a generation they will definitely love this software if they once become their user.

So we will tell you the procedure how to set up an AOL Email App if you are using it on a daily basis or in your apple device.

  • AOL App for Windows 10- If you are AOL user but the thing is that you will not use it on a regular purpose than for you there’s no need to set up AOL App for Windows 10 you can simply operate it by the browser. So we can say the simplest way to set up AOL account is not set up it completely. Means if you are using email account not a regular purpose it is done occasionally then it is very easy to operate it by the browser. For this, you just need to open a browser of your choice.
  • To check your mail by using a website you have to do the following things. Open any browser like chrome, Firefox, safari or Microsoft edge and apple user can operate this with safari. After opening this type the AOL Login in the search box.
  • Open this main website of AOL login click it provides all your essentials details like email id and password and click sign in.
  • Now you can easily access your account and operate it according to your requirement.
  • Side by side in any tab you can do your work.
  • AOL App for iPhone- In the case of Apple users, there is an application called apple mail which is on apple computer. Which is similar to the mail app that is present in the windows? But the thing is that you can add multiple accounts in this. To set up your AOL app in your apple device you have to search the mail icon in your dock. If you do this for the first time then you have to add your email address by the option of adding an account. Just you have to follow the instructions to add your account like email id, password and other kinds of details.
  • Download AOL App– if you want to install the application then you have to download AOL desktop gold application in your system It is a kind of web browser that have AOL email integrated with it. There are numerous features that you can use for free. You can watch latest videos whether it is related to news, weather, finance, entertainment and lifestyle. It serves you best clip related to the topic like informative and entertaining videos anytime or you can opt-in for the paid option easily. Simply just download it but this official website and fill you’re all detail for using your account.

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