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How to Convince Your Parents for Love Marriage


There are tribes or countries where love marriages are a debatable topic. The only marriages common are the arranged ones. Sometimes it feels unfair because you do not have the choice of choosing your partner. As the time goes by, most people never found the meanings of marriages in sense that there is no freedom to choose a partner for yourself and not necessary have them picked out for you. Some of the countries where arranged marriages are the order of the day are also slowly embracing love marriages.

Matrimonial sites in India bear a lot of information regarding marriage matrimony and matchmaking. This means that a partner does not necessarily have to be a parent’s choice. This is all your decision but you may have them understand why you need to settle down with that particular partner. Marriage sites are therefore helping a lot for those who would like to have a partner based on their own preferences and not necessarily that of their parents.

How to convince parents for love marriages

Let us look at some of the ways you can convince your parents about love marriages and have them side with you for marriage matrimony.

Give references:

Referencing friends and families who have embraced love marriages; bearing in mind that most parents are traditionalists when it comes to Indian matrimony, it can be quite a task trying to make them understand why online marriage is most preferable for you in search of love marriage. As you try to get them to see why marriage sites in India are helping in founding love marriages, you can mention a friend or family who have had the same kind of marriage to help them see that they can work too. There is no guarantee that they will fall for it but it is good to try and maybe you could convince them to allow it.

Ask for help:

Asking for a little help from allies; it is possible not to find leverage with your parents on love marriages, but that does not mean that you should give up on matrimony search and indian matrimony website. Seeking help from a trusted person who understands love marriages better to speak to your parents on your behalf may provide likelihood of them accepting love marriages and giving you a go ahead.

Negotiating with them

Some parents are not the type to allow negotiation especially if it is about love marriages or anything to do with marriage sites and online marriage. Humble yourself like a child during negotiation. If they allow any, and chances are more that they may empathize with you on the matter of love marriage.

Highlighting the potential

Highlighting the potential of your partner to be. As much as your parents may be against online marriage or love marriage, you may stand a chance with them. If you make them understand the potential you find in your partner that makes them feel positive for your matrimonial match. If they are convinced enough that they are worth then they could allow a love marriage.

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