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How to Create Segmentation for Email Marketing Success?

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Email marketing is the all-time favorite strategy for marketers around the country and there are plenty of reasons for that too. This digital marketing method helps you reach into the inbox of the busy going professionals. The present day professionals might skip the social networks, newspapers or television for a day or two, but they make it a point to regularly check their inboxes. In this age of Internet literacy, there are hardly many, among your target customers group, who do not use emails. And often a professional might have more than one email to keep a tab on his/her areas of interest. But having said this, the full potential of email marketing is not being utilized by the brands yet. And the folly lies in their digital marketing tactics.

Just like a social media post cannot arouse interest among everyone. Much like your discounts cannot be applicable for everyone. Similarly, a single email content cannot interest everyone. And if you happen to send out a generalized marketing mail, it will fail to live up to its potential. So, the only solution is to create well defined segments for your email marketing campaigns. These segments would allow you to send information (through mailers) that arouses interest and serves your end purpose of generating leads. So, how to create these customer segments for your email marketing campaigns? Let us give you a guideline.

Soft Selling Approach for Newbies

Customers who are still in the brand discovery mode, without much of an idea about your brand or its reputation, should be put into this category. As they are still quite iffy about your brand, there is no point of turning them off with the hard selling email content.

Blended Approach for the Middle Trotters

So, the customer has now started trusting your brand and has been following your emailers for a certain while. It is now time to expose him/her to your sales offers very subtly. While such emailers would remain high on information, they would also showcase offers that are too hard to refuse.

Hard Selling Approach for Loyalists

So, the customer has made a couple of purchases and likes your service offerings, it is now time to shift the customer to the next email list. This list would be specifically for the purchase oriented customers. You would send periodical updates of new products and services. There would be mentions of special discounts and time limited offers.

With these segmentations in place, your emails will never land up in the Spam boxes (which is a sort of earning Likes in the Social Media world).

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