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How to Differentiate Original Perfume from a Fake One?

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Finding a fake perfume in the flea market is pretty normal. They are super cheap and sold on the streets by random vendors. People who purchase these fragrances are aware of the fact that the chances of them getting a fake fragrance are quite high. But you might be surprised to now that even the high-end stores in the hub market area can also be the places where you find these fake scents. People who love fragrances try to stick to their trusted sellers while buying one, online or offline, it doesn’t matter. They have a trust factor that one will not cheat them over there at least, after all, the seller is known and has been providing products for several years. Getting a fake perfume can make you feel cheated especially after spending a good fortune on the product.

You can avoid it by taking a look at the product before purchasing or return it after purchasing when you notice something, given you are aware of the pointers to look at. Counterfeiters spend a lot of time in perfecting the design of the fake perfumes, but there is always something, which they miss or do hastily. You can use these small hints to find out if the product is fake or not.

Wrapping on the box:

Original international brands perfumes often have a cellophane wrapping around the box, neatly wrapped around so it hugs the box perfectly. Once open, it cannot be fixed. However, on the fake perfumes, you can easily tell if it is done by professionals or someone sitting in a small dingy room.

Embossing on the package:

The embossing on the packaging is always flawlessly done. The colours, gold print or silver print will be in sync with each other. However, in the case of the counterfeit ones, the embossing will be either misplaced or not embossed at all. You can touch with your finger to feel it or tilt the product slightly in the light to check the matte or glossy finish on the packaging. In Lomani Perfumes, there is an embossing on the tin box or the paper box in which perfume is stored. You can easily feel it with the touch of your finger.

Good quality packaging:

The packaging inside which the perfume is stored will reflect the telltale signs of being branded. A good brand always uses a thick card like paper for their perfume boxes. It will surely have a glossy or matte finish without any colour bleed. You can check with the brand website or look on the site to find out about matte or glossy finish and embossing. Moreover, the paperboard is of exquisite quality which protects the perfume bottle from all kinds of damages. Inside it, there will be construction or mould, which holds the bottle like a hand in glove. The paper from inside will be white and not grey if otherwise painted.

The design:

The counterfeit perfume brands often try very hard to design a perfume bottle and box very similar to the original one. From the shape to the smell, they will copy every single thing. However, the quality and flawlessness of the packaging and design often give away. The bottle of the perfume will not have any kind of misshape, defect, deformity or shapelessness. From top to bottom, the bottle will be like a piece of art, everything in perfect symmetry. Check the bottom of the bottle as well for telltale signs. You can check the bottle and compare it with the one shown on the brand’s website.

Colour of the perfume:

To ensure that their product is free from unwanted chemicals, the brands avoid using dyes in their perfumes. This is the reason why they are so fresh and pale looking. It will never stain your clothes or skin in any way or look too dark. Even in tinted fragrances, once sprayed it dries out to no colour. A fake perfume tends to even change the colour of perfume liquid and leaves a faint colour when applied to clothes. Lomani perfume for men and women provides clear perfume in tinted bottles.

You should also remember that there is a chance the brand has also changed the packaging. before barging on the seller or complaining online about the online perfume store, you should check with the brand website for the latest information. It is always wise to double check before blaming an already established seller for selling counterfeit products at the price of the original one.

You can also ask them to show a document of being authorised to sell the brand products. Almost every brand provides these to the sellers and dealers while signing the agreement with them. It shows that the brand is allowed to sell the perfumes on their website and stores, also, they are original.

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