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How To Ensure That Your Partner Enjoys The Valentine Holiday

Valentine’s Day balloons

Valentine’s is around the corner, and some men have already started panicking. To some people, Valentine day is a day to enjoy love. To others, well, it’s a just a typical day because what do you do on a lover’s day if you don’t have one?

To the lovers, it’s important to make sure that your partner enjoys the day. Taking your partner out for dinner in a fancy restaurant is not enough, or is it, ladies? No. You have to ensure that your partner is in the right emotional state where they can enjoy the day.  So, it’s paramount to know that preparing for Valentine’s date doesn’t only involve looking for the best restaurant in town; it’s much more.

  1. Mark it On Your Calendar

I will start by stating one that’s obvious, or so it seems. How many times have you heard of cases when a person was too busy at work that they forgot it was Valentine’s? Countless. And, how does that story continue? Tragic.

So, yes, it might seem simple, but it’s vital. Take out your calendar and mark the day. Alternatively, set a reminder to give you a heads-up a day before Valentine’s.

  1. Focus on Giving, Not Receiving

Every relationship runs under very dynamic rules and principles. But, for a healthy relationship, the focus of each partner should be the happiness of the other person. Your first concern should be, what will make him/her happy.

Likewise, as we gear up to the lover’s day, the main question in your mind should be- what can I get her/him. Instead of, what should they get me?

  1. Get a Gift That Your Partner Will Find Meaningful

Most people in a relationship will agree that you will often have very different tastes and preferences with your partner. You might be into chocolate, but they are more into ice cream. You might like movies, but they enjoy TV shows more. It’s just the way it is. Furthermore, opposites attract.

Therefore, when you are buying a gift for your partner, remember this disparity. Do not be tempted to buy something you like and expect that they will love it too. You might end up disappointed or worse- ruin the whole day.

Instead, put yourself in your partner’s shoes: if you were them, what kind of gift might you want? What color or the gift might they find more appealing? And so on.

  1. Break the Routine

This is mostly for the couples who have been in a relationship for some years. Make this valentine day different. Instead of having a nice dinner at home and later watch a romantic movie, go out to a fancy restaurant.

Take your partner to a particular part of the town that she/he hasn’t been to. Take a meal that you’ve never taken. Make memories. Furthermore, this is a once in a year day- therefore, it is just right to treat your partner to a break from the usual.

Another surprise idea could be a tour around the city in a fancy car. There are plenty of car showrooms that have cars for hire for a night. Or just go ahead and buy her a car. There is a lot of advice online on how you can buy a car even if you don’t have the cash.

  1. Dress to Impress

This goes to all couples, whether you’ve just met yesternight or you’ve dated for a decade- you still need to impress your partner.  Therefore, Valentine’s is your time to go out of your way to make sure that you dress for your partner. Make sure they remember why they fell in love with you. Or, for our yesternight couple, make sure your partner knows why they can’t help but fall in love with you.

Dressing for the day is a critical part of the preparation. And, for the couples who live together, sneak into the boutique and get yourself a new outfit. Something hot that your partner has not seen you rock. It will be part of the surprise.

  1. Clear All The Impending Baggage

You can not expect to enjoy the valentines day if both of you are holding grudges from last week. For this to be a day to remember, find the time and request your partner to talk about the issue.

It’s important to know that some ladies may hold on to issues in their heart and never talk about them until they are about to explode. It is therefore wise for the men to pre-empt any pent up matter before the day. Therefore, have a pre-Valentine’s dinner.

A pre-Valentine’s dinner could be just a simple meal a few days before valentines whereby you prepare with the sole intention of giving your partner a chance to vent out her feelings and frustrations-if any. At the end of the dinner, ensure that you surprise your partner with some nice romantic evening. This will set the emotional pace for a Valentine’s date.

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