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How To Get Confirmed IRCTC Train Tickets During Festive Season

Getting a confirmed train ticket during the festive season can be a challenge, as there’s a significant surge in the number of train travellers during this period. Even though Indian Railways has introduced various programs such as ‘Vikalp’ and ‘Confirmation Probability’ checker to help passengers, getting a confirmed ticket during the festive rush is still not easy. Let’s take a look at some hacks that can increase your chances of getting a confirmed train ticket during the festive season.

Book a longer journey: Whether its railways, airline companies or bus operators, all such entities want to maximize their occupancy to increase earning from every run. So, preference is given to passengers who are travelling the longest distance on a given train. Let’s take an example to better understand this.

Suppose you want to travel from Delhi to Dhanbad on Oct 18. You select train SDAH DURONTO EXP(12260), but notice that confirmed tickets are not available (See above image). What you can do in this situation is book a longer journey. In this case, you can book Delhi to Sealdah on Oct 18, in which case you will see that confirmed tickets are readily available. And difference in pricing is just Rs 290, which is quite less than what you would pay to an agent or on Tatkal and Premium Tatkal tickets. Same technique can be applied to other trains to get confirmed tickets.

Date of journey: You will notice that there’s more rush in long distance trains during Fridays and Saturdays. So, you should try for tickets on dates other than Fridays and Saturdays. This will increase your chances of getting a confirmed ticket.

Confirm availability on alternate trains: This is a nice feature that is available on IRCTC website. It gives you details of all the trains that have confirmed or RAC seats available. You can use this feature to get a confirmed ticket for your journey.

Plan in advance:Indian Railways allows you to book tickets 120 days in advance. If you plan ahead, you can easily get confirmed tickets. Even if there is change in plans, you can always cancel your ticket and get the refund.

If you want to enjoy your train journey and your trip, it is essential to get a confirmed train ticket. Travelling without a confirmed ticket can be a nightmare, as many of us have already experienced at some point in our lives. The above tips and techniques will help you get a confirmed train ticket during the festive season.

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