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How To Get Confirmed Tatkal Indian Railway IRCTC Tickets

Tatkal ticketing system has been designed for people who may need to travel on an urgent basis. The idea makes sense and has been hugely successful. It has benefitted both passengers who are assured of a comfortable journey and Indian Railways as well that gets to earn more money on Tatkal tickets. However, if you have ever tried booking a Tatkal ticket, you will know how difficult it actually is to get a confirmed Tatkal ticket. During most parts of the year, there’s such ahuge rush for Tatkal tickets that the quota gets over in just around 5-15 minutes.

So what are your options? Well, there are some tricks that you can use to increase your chances of getting a confirmed Tatkal ticket.

High speed internet: This is a must-have for booking Tatkal tickets. Your internet connection should be minimum 2 mbps to increase your chance of getting confirmed Tatkal ticket. Thousands of people log in for booking Tatkal tickets and if your internet is slow, you might lose out to others. Slow connections also face the risk of getting disconnected from IRCTC server at peak traffic.

Select Favorite Journey list: You can prepare your journey list in advance, which is available under My Profile > Add/Delete Favorite Journey List on IRCTC website. This will have your source and destination station and Class. By directly choosing from the Journey List, you can save around 10-20 seconds. If done manually, you will have to type source and destination station and select Class.

Choose Master Passenger list: This is available under My profile – Add/Modify Master List on IRCTC website. You can prepare this in advance, so that you don’t have to type the passengers’ names and other details manually. You can select directly from the Master Passenger List with just a single click. This again will save you around 30-60 seconds depending on number of passengers and your typing speed. When you prepare in advance, you can also reduce the chances of errors.

Use IRCTC eWallet: IRCTC offers various payment gateway options like net banking, credit cards, wallets, etc. But these take time to process. Also, there is always the possibility of the transaction getting failed. For faster payment processing, you should use IRCTC eWallet, which is a prepaid wallet. With IRCTC eWallet, payment can be processed in just a few seconds.

Practice: A few days before the actual booking date, take 10-15 minutes to practice the Tatkal ticket booking procedures. This will increase your speed and improve your chances of getting a confirmed Tatkal ticket. While practicing, you can abort when you reach the payment window.

Just follow the tips described above, which are completely legal, to increase your chances of getting a confirmed Tatkal ticket. Another thing is that while browsing the internet, you may come across apps or browser extensions that promise to book your Tatkal ticket at super-fast speed. However, it is best to avoid such apps and browser extensions, as it is difficult to establish their reliability. Information you share on such platforms may not be done securely and may be susceptible to getting compromised

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