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How to get fairer underarms naturally at home

The issue of having dark underarms can be embarrassing and a very unpleasant sight to look at. Being prone to excessive sweating, the skin around underarms becomes dark and patchy.


Below are some natural ways to combat this problem:

1. Lemon – Rub lemon juice to your underarms for 15 minutes and then wash it. Repeat it daily to lighten your skin tone

2. Ice cubes – Massage ice cubes to remove impurities from skin and increase the blood flow to that area 

3. Milk Cream – Just take some milk cream and massage it to affected area for getting lighter underarms

4. Potato – Take a potato and cut a thick slice from it. Rub this slice to your armpits for 15 minutes and then wash it. Repeat it daily for getting positive and more effective results 

5. Honey – Take honey and add lemon juice to it. Now gently rub it under your arms. For better results, repeat it daily 

So now get out of your shy zone, and start showing off your flawless underarms.

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