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How to Get (FREE & REAL) Instagram Followers


Social media plays a big role in our lives today. It helps us in connecting with people from all over the world and helps us to keep in touch and see what people are up to in their lives. Keeping in touch over the phone or meeting people/ friends from all over the globe often is almost impossible. That is where apps like Instagram come in and help us keep in touch.

Instagram is a social media app/ website that allows people to post pictures and videos of their liking for people all over to see and appreciate.

But that is not all. A platform like Instagram is perfect for people to create awareness for their businesses or start-ups or even causes that they would like to advertise on a larger scale. It serves as a great marketing platform as via Instagram you can reach out to many more people than you know, that too on a global scale. It is a great way to promote yourself and business.

For this reason, users of Instagram like to increase their followers. It is not very easy to increase your following, and if you are a big brand you can even take the help of social media agencies.

These digital marketing agencies will help you boost your brand and business.

So to get real Instagram followers free there are a few things you can do:

Join/Follow Your Niche Groups:

If you are new to the Instagram app and you want to gain followers, you can join and follow engagement. While it may be tempting to join the largest groups, it is advised to join the groups that are more targeted to the niche that you are interested in like beauty, make-up, fashion, sports etc.

This will enable you to follow and gain likes from people who share the same interests as you. If someone follows you, you should return the favor and follow them back.

Re-post Popular & Trending Content:

Another step you should take to get free and real followers on Instagram is to re-post other’s content. You may have to take permission to be able to re-post other’s content, but this is very beneficial. If the person has many views or likes and comments on his posts, and you re-post it, you are likely to get the attention and following you are looking for.

This will work more in your favor when you re-post the content of something that’s trending and posted by famous accounts too.

Work With Influencers:

If you get to work with an influencer that will be your ‘Instagram followers generator’. Influencers already have a massive fan base and following, who tend to like and relate to things the influencers do. You can leverage this to your advantage to get more followers on Instagram.

Depending on the niche you are in, parenting with another partner will be very beneficial to you to get more free and real followers on Instagram. Again here it is advisable to partner with digital marketing agencies.

Use Hashtags (popular, innovative, relatable):

Having catchy, innovative and relatable hashtags also gets you the attention of people with a similar mindset. Using hashtags on Instagram will really help you to connect with like-minded people. Using hashtags which are catchy and fun will help you get a following base from all over the globe.

Instagram Story:

Use Instagram’s story feature regularly, especially if you are a new brand. Keep these stories open to the public to see. Constantly posting about your brand, company, and start-up will help you get the attention of a lot of people on Instagram which will help you get free and real followers on Instagram.
People who do not follow you but have watched your stories are more likely to start following you.

Adding a location and hashtag will help you even more.

Announce Giveaways:

If you’re a product based start-up or company looking to promote their brand, announce giveaways. This always catches the attention of people who may not even live in the same country. Handing out giveaways in the form of competitions/quizzes are advisable as this engages more and more people to take part. A person will tell his/her friend who further will do the same and this generates free and real Instagram followers for you.

Interesting Bio:

Lastly, make your bio real interesting. Try to post URL’s in your bio too. Your bio is the first thing a person sees when he/she goes to your page. Making it clickable will drive traffic to your content. This way people can see the latest thing you have posted and this is likely to get you, free followers.

Making your bio fun and creative is advisable too.

If you follow these tips and hacks well, you will see that in no time you are able to gain real followers for free on Instagram.

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