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How to get rid of Annoying aches all over your body?

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Aches and pains could be annoying, but it also is a way the body signals you to take care of yourself. These aches and pains could be very annoying and disturb your normal routine, as it slows down your activities and hampers your daily movements.

One of the biggest myths about aches and pains is that you have to live with it. It is actually not true. Diagnosis is such pains and reasons could be many from stress to long hours at the office to strenuous lives, injuries and even improper and unplanned diet that you follow. In normal conditions certain home remedies may help, but in severe cases it is important to know the root cause. Sometimes we experience body aches during flu, which at times becomes quite severe to handle. At times immediately after workouts also.

One of the main cause of these annoying body aches and pains is depriving your body of essential nutrients. By following a well-balanced diet and eating nutritious foods we can get rid of these unwanted pains and aches.

Here are some reasons that leads to aches and pains:

  • Nutrition deficiencies: vitamin D — which is obtained mainly from milk, yogurt, fish and sunlight is a major cause of muscle weakness and muscle aches. Deficiency of magnesium leads to fatigue, weakness, muscle cramps. In cases of calcium and potassium deficiency couple with low sodium levels, causes cramps, sores and weaknesses.
  • Low carbohydrate intakes: a low carb and high protein diet may help you lose weight, but lower carbohydrate intake leads to muscle weakness and aches. It is recommended to have your daily allowance of healthy carbohydrate that is found in whole grains, legumes, seeds, nuts, fruits, vegetables and low-fat dairy.
  • Dehydration: not having enough water or fluids also leads to muscle cramps and aches. To avoid such annoying situations have plenty of water or other fluid sources to keep hydrated.
  • Other causes: not all aches are related to diet and for persistent pain, it is highly recommended to consult a physician for its cause and treatment. Injuries, stress, tensions, muscle overuse, medication and infections like flu, malaria, polio etc. could be potential causes.

It is believed that the key to get rid of aches and pains is by reducing inflammation. Inflammation is a natural process that is required for a short time to fight infections and heal. But if inflammation and pain becomes long lasting and chronic, it could pose negative effect on our well-being.

We can make a difference with the foods that we eat, and some of them are as mentioned here:

  • Berries: are rich in compounds called anthocyanin, and have potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Chia: rich in omega-3 fatty acids, that have capabilities to reverse inflammation.
  • Leafy green vegetables: are rich in carotenoids and flavonoids, which have anti-inflammatory properties. Also are rich in minerals like magnesium that supports muscles and bones and manages pain.
  • Veggies that are orange: carrots, squash and sweet potatoes have higher concentration of carotenoids, a substance that have anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Oily fishes: such as salmon, mackerel, anchovies, sardines and herring have omega – 3 fats, which are not just good for heart but have high anti-inflammatory properties.

A well-balanced meal with the necessary nutrients necessary in fighting off your aches and pains is a good way to get rid of annoying aches and pains.  Diets rich in fresh produce, low-fat proteins, and whole grains with fiber will help your body in many ways like supporting a healthy weight, reduce your risk of heart disease, and improve your blood sugar also.

By: Sheela Seharawat

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