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How to Improve Your Social Media Campaigns and Customer Targeting

An important component of digital marketing, social media has found wide use for its applicability, reach, and effectiveness. It’s no longer a question of whether you should or shouldn’t be using social media; rather,it’s more about how to make the best use of it for any of your targeted digital marketing initiatives. It could be any of the digital marketing goals such as customer engagement, new product launch, promoting your service offerings, or just pure brand building. Here’s how you can improve your social media campaigns and customer targeting.

Your social media updates are more like a drought situation – Ok, so you say you are already there on social media. But may we ask how active you really are or how often you post updates? You see, just being there on social media will not solve your problems, especially if the frequency of your updates is like once every quarter. You have to be more active and post updates regularly to nourish the relations you have with your target audience on social media channels.  Being passive on social media may work against you by breeding disinterest and distrust among your target audience. As a rule of thumb, you should post updates at least twice every week.

Your target audience is sailing in a different boat – So, you got yourself a great profile on Twitter but still not getting desired results, even when you are tweeting almost every day. One reason for this may be that the majority of your target audience is active on a different social media platform, say for example Facebook. So, no matter how active you are on twitter, you will never be able to catch their attention if most of them are using Facebook. We would recommend that you start with as many channels as possible and based on activity data, you can then easily see exactly which social media channel is most frequented by your target audience.

Your conventional marketing overhead is hitting the roof – Conventional marketing channels such as billboards, TV commercials, print media, etc. may still be relevant, but if the costs associated with these are making you anxious, it’s time to switch focus to social media. Most social media channels are free, and even when you may have to invest in a social media marketing team to begin with, you will soon realize that overall costs associated with the same are a lot less in comparison to conventional modes of advertising and marketing.

Social Media is here to stay and it will continue to be an important part of the overall digital marketing strategy. It’s not a storm that will pass away. It’s now a part of the technology landscape, and is set to evolve, mature and become more integral for businesses as well as personal needs. So, be there if you are not already. And more importantly,stay active on your social media channels to keep your customers constantly engaged.

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