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How to increase your height with simple activities?

Who does not like to have a tall physique! Everyone, right? Yes, indeed. People with tall height not only look smart, but it also gives you more confidence. But as we know, after a certain age, height stops to increase. But below are certain activities, through which you can still gain height.


1. Skipping rope daily for 10-15 minutes and also outdoor games such as basketball, etc

2. Eating carrots daily helps in increasing height

3. The protein, vitamin, iron, fibre, and minerals present in cabbage helps in stimulating the growth (height) hormones in our bodies

4. Quit smoking and drinking as these are a major cause of stunted body height

5. Consumption of beans and turnip also helps in increasing height

6. Eat vitamin D rich food such as, pulses, tofu, soybean, and mushrooms


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