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Since traveling is trending nowadays’ people are trying to look for different ways in which they can make it more convenient for them after all, human beings have always worked for the betterment of their living standards plus who would turn their back to some comfort or pleasure if they can get it. In the early times, people from different age group had different activities while on a long haul. Your grandma would most likely sleep in the back seat of the car while your mother tries to have a conversation with your father who is driving and you and your siblings may be bored out of your mind with a sore back, counting every minute. Well, that can change with the lightweightand multi-functional DVD player for traveling.


Activities for a road trip

Road trips are fun in the first few hours of the journey but as the time goes on you get tired and sitting idle in the same position wears you off. To kill the majority of the time, people opt for different activities to keep them occupies such as reading, playing board games, eating, card games, dumb charades or movies. Either these activities require a lot of your concentration, stability or energy. Some of us can hardly concentrate in the pin drop silence of the class it’s hardly possible to concentrate while you are in a moving car there is noise and unsteadiness which are reason enough for you to stop reading. Board games need a stable surface and a moving car can hardly be that.

One can only eat so much. We get tired of eating even our favorite snack, also if we want to prevent our self from getting sick we’ll have to stop eventually

Then there are card games. If you want everyone to be a part of it, you need space but that’s one restriction in a car. This leaves us with dumb charades and watching movies. Dum charades are fun but it takes a lot of your energy after some time you lose interest due to tiredness.

Lastly watching movies during a journey and be thought of as a credited activity once the problem such as power availability and screen size are solved.

Why a portable DVD player?

Portable DVD players are designed for the long journeys. They allow you to keep yourself occupied for a major part of the trips. If you are a busy person, you’ll hardly have time to watch movies or indulge yourself in such activities so when you are traveling you can you a DVD player to watch all the movies your friends keep talking about. The trip for the parents can also be made enjoyable if their children have something that gets their interest and we all know that movies or cartoon always win it.

Features that count

Long battery time of about 8 hours is one of the main features of these portable DVD players. It also comes with a car chargeable adapter so you don’t have to worry about its battery so much. The storage is enough to keep your favorite movies.

The LCD screen is larger than your smartphones which is plus.

Some of these DVD players come with USB and SD card inlets so that you can enjoy the stuff you have downloaded from the internet.

It also lets you enjoy the pictures you took during your trip with the portable video player. You just have to insert the memory card of your camera into the DVD player.

Fun and fabulous

Technology is always trending, with its improvement new gadgets are introduced to the world community. The newer the device you are holding in your hand the more classy you become to everyone around you. The multifunctional portable DVD devices attract many thus making you look fabulous.

What we would suggest

When you plan to go somewhere your real motivation is your destination but in order to reach there you have to go through a long journey that can’t be ignored and this is the biggest deterrent for most of the people, either because they don’t want to have their restless kids niggling them throughout or the long hours that won’t seem to pass.

Portable DVD players are best suggested for this kind of trips. Your kids won’t bother you and you do not have to count every minute. With all the features the devices are designed to give you a worthwhile experience. When you have an occupied brain you seem to care less about your aching back of the long journey that awaits.

And if you need help narrowing it down just think of something you could really use. So if you don’t manage to find anything that piques your interest then you should be go with DVD.

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