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How to learn Web Design at home

Formal Education will make you a living. Self-education will make you a fortune – Jim Rohn

learn web design at home

Forget over costly tutorial centers, long hour class-room learning, and pathetic results. Today’s technologies will help us to learn the technology topics from A to Z. Now-a-days learning is possible at our own pace and in the comfort of our own home. 

Learning web-design is pretty difficult and overwhelming, but with the growth of Internet and technologies, it becomes so easy.

  1. Introduction to Web Design

Before starting how to learn web-design, we need to know what the web design is.

Visual + Interaction = Web Design.

To make it simple, web-design is the approach that the user interaction with the web.

Web design is the process of creating websites covering various aspects such as layouts, content development and design.

  1. Brush up these Web Design Skills to become a Beginner

To be master in any skill, we need to learn the rules. Breaking rule is exhilarated but be aware of the rules before you break it.Learn the top 10 rules of composition which all designers stick to.

Learn HTML and CSS layout designs. It’s not that much hard to learn HTML and CSS coding. It requires little effort and basic coding knowledge. After learning all the design basics, and layouts, the next thing to be learned is color principles. Color might be an underrated aspect in web design but it plays prominent role in usability as well as the look andfeel of the website.

  1. Basic Elements of Web Design

Web design is not complex task. The simpler the site is, the superior the user experience is.

Color, Usability, CTA, Content, and the SEO Elements are the main elements of good web design.

  1. How to learn Web Design at Home

We can’t explain all things in single post, so we are introducing some learning materials to guide you each and every step.

Best Books to learn Web Design

We can learn things from friends or we can go to tutorial centers or enroll in online programs, or sit and look someone who knows the process and how they are doing but the best way of learning is from books.

And, you can show-up your friends that you have learned yourself. That’s great right. Here are the books which you can refer to.

Learn to DesignWeb Pages

HTML and CSS are the basic element in designing web page. They control how the content to be presented to the user. You can do with the templates but you need to know the languages while learning web design. The best book to refer is HTML and CSS: Design and Build Websites by JON DUCKETT.

Learn to Make Functional Web Pages

Web pages have to be appealing but it has to be responsive. Javascript and jQuery have to be known to know what the web page is intended and what the user needs. To learn this, the book used by most of the designers is Javascript and jQuery: Interactive Front-end Web Development by JON DUCKETT. This book is very helpful to know how to use jQuery libraries to make the designer job is easier.

Learn Front End Development

Learning front-end development through the book Learning Web Design: A Beginner’s Guide to Html, CSS, Javascript, And Web Graphics, by JENNIFER NIEDERST ROBBINS.The best thing in the book is the quizzes that help readers to recollect and fix in reader’s mind the techniques they have learned.

Learning Usability

Usability refers how effective a website is that the user really wants. Steve Krug has provided practical advice and illustrations for best practice in his book Don’t Make Me Think, Revisited: A Common Sense Approach to Web Usability.

Explore great Designs 

The book Design for Hackers: Reverse Engineering beauty By DAVID KADAVY is helpful for beginner to head start in designing web pages because it explains what will work and what not, and why. And, he explained color principles, typography, and design compositions.

With the mentioned books, anyone can have a good start and turn to talented web-design professional. There are other good books for learning web design.

Learn Coding

To learn coding is not challenging task now-a-days. Many sites makes the learning easier. W3Schoolsand Google Code Universityare the best sites to learn the coding language.

Online Learning Courses

Udemy, Lynda and Tree House are the best sites to learn the web designing course. These sites will teach you the core concepts of web designing with better illustrations.

Follow Blogs

Blogs also make a major part in learning web designing. Blogs will always keep you updated about the web designing trends. You can follow some of the notable blogs likeBigZiel, Hacking UI, Webdesigner Depot and WEBAPPERS.


No matter who you are, learning makes your goal achievable. We have e-mail web designing course to teach you the winning web designs. Sign up here.We wishing you good luck.

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