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How to Maintain Your Dressing Style in Your 30s

By; Soumali Adhikary, Beauty and

Lifestyle content creator
They say age is only a number but as we get older, we take to a certain fashion sense which determines our dressing style and choice of clothes. Since every one of us experiments with fashion sense during our formative years it is
only fitting to love one style more than others. Nonetheless, as you turn 30 there are both physical and psychological changes which may make you buy more of the same clothes or redo your closet all over again.

A lot of things change when you arrive in your early 30’s like the type of social gatherings you attend which evolve from parties and vacation with friends to formal events like seminars and product launch. At the same time , you don’t feel like following the latest fashion trends and are much more comfortable with the clothes that make you feel comfortable as well as are appropriate for the event which you have to attend.
Here, we have featured 7 outfits for both your early and late 30’s. Consider them for your closet checklist as well!

1. Denim Jacket with your choice of trousers:
Jackets are evergreen style companions, although their popularity increases in winter. You can add a couple of stylish bits of organized jackets and blazers in different shades for whenever you feel like stepping out. They can be grouped with anything be it a simple pair of trousers, pants or fitted jeans for a simple and elegant look. Still considered as high fashion these are definitely recommend for those in their early 30’s.

2. Top of the line Blouses with Ankle-Length Pants:
A top-of-the-line pullover with lower-leg length pants and a decent purse will genuinely make you look exquisite and snazzy. They can be carried well by people both in their early as well as late 30’s.

3. Long Cover-ups:
Long Cover-ups are a great alternative to traditional suits and sarees. One can style capes, duster coats, night gowns as well as long dresses in several different ways for the perfect look. Although they look good on people of all age groups, they are recommended for people in their late 30’s.

4. Light Coloured Tops and Printed Trousers:
After putting money into fitted jeans, get your hands-on printed pants for a relaxed look. You can browse different choices like lively tropical print or basic striped or stylish ancestral prints. Group your purchase with a top in a neutral or light shade to blend the look. This style pairing is definitely recommended for people in their early 30’s.

5. Kaftans to complement your beauty:
In their 30s, ladies can include kaftans in their wardrobe as well. They are no longer just a seashore outfit; kaftans have become a more utilitarian and contemporary alternative for both work and home. The best thing about kaftans is, no matter what body type you have it will fit you. This style pairing is recommended for people in their late 30s.

6.  Ditch things that make you feel too hip or funky.
We don’t want to spoil your fun but when you get into 30’s most people will expect you to act responsibly for a major part of your time. Therefore, it is important to ditch any fake jewellery or funky hats and belts which suggest that you lean more towards the fun side than the serious one.

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