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How to Make a Simple Tea Box

 – Top 4 Tea Boxes Ideas

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Make a Simple Tea Box

Are you always having to store your tea in drawers and are looking for easy Tea Boxes ideas that can organize your kitchen efficiently? You are not the only when it comes to a not so organized kitchen space. It is very common for most of us to have a messy kitchen space. When it comes to items like a Custom Tea Box, the fix might be a simple and effective one.

When you have the right crafting skills along with a bit of creativeness, you can design your own simple tea boxes. Cardboard Tea Boxes Wholesale are available easily in the market. Retailers and tea makers use these for shipping. You can use these to the best effect repurposing them for Tea Packaging Wholesale ideas.

Here are our 4 of the simplest and most efficient tea boxes ideas that can help your organize kitchen storage a great deal:

1: Repurposed Cardboard Tea Box

To start our list of DIY Custom Tea Box ideas, first one required no more than:

  • Old large pieces of cardboard. This can be a large cardboard box from some shipping order etc.
  • Pair of scissors and a marker to draw and cut cardboard into the right sizes and shapes
  • Bone folder and/or ruler to work through the cardboard
  • Optional wrapping paper with paper glue or sticker decals for your box

Simple Guide for Cardboard Tea Box

  • Start by having the cardboard flattened out and laid on a flat surface
  • First draw your required size of box on the cardboard and then cut it using the scissors. Make sure to leave the lid part out at this stage
  • Cut another piece of cardboard in the right size for the lid. Leave an inch of space on each side of the lid and make sure to get exactly the right size for the lid. Score the one inch extended flap on each side
  • Fold all sides and ends using the bone folder. Also fold the scored one inch lid extended flaps as these will be required to close on the box tray
  • Cut additional piece of cardboard to make sections or dividers in the tray if required. Give the lid a test run and adjust any materials if required.

You simplest tea box is ready. Label it as you prefer and wrap it with optional wrapping paper if you wish. Now you can organize your tea storage efficiently.

2: Simple DIY Beautiful Wooden Custom Tea Box

Next we have another repurposing Custom Tea Box idea. You will need an old wooden tissue box that can be converted into a tea box. Alternatively, you can get any beautiful wooden box from the market and repurpose it into your new tea box. Here’s what you will need:

  • An old wooden box
  • Your preferred color paint with a paintbrush
  • Extra pieces of wood in right sizes for section dividers
  • Glue to stick the section dividers

How to Repurpose a Wooden Box for a Tea Box

  • First, start by painting all parts and sides of your wooden box with your selected paint. Using sticker decals or wrapping papers with wood is not a practical idea. Use paint instead
  • Place the section dividers with suitable amount of glue applied on their bottom sides in the box making your preferred section shapes
  • To make the box look more beautiful and purposeful, get the TEA alphabets and stick them on top of the box. You can make these alphabets yourself as well using your own creativeness

The box is ready to make your kitchen look great and feel organized with no tea packets flying around at all.

3: Converting That Shirt Box Into a Perfect Tea Box

Got an old large shirt box? It can easily be converted into a nice functional and efficient tea box as well. Thing with Tea Boxes Wholesale is that they have sturdy materials and a large inner tray that facilitates tea storage. That large shirt box provides all that and more. Most shirt boxes have slide out sleeves or clear large window pull open style lids. When you want the ultimate organization for your tea boxes, you can make use of these lids as well.

When you have a plain white shirt box, you can wrap papers on it or draw whatever you like on them. This can be used to boost that natural feel of tea. Cutting out your smaller tea box’s printed papers, you can stick them on any sides of these boxes as well. Cut out cardboard dividers from any other cardboard box that you might have at home. Stick these dividers using glue in accurate sizes inside the box tray to organize the tea box perfectly as well. When you tea boxes are supposed to lie inside a drawer, you can leave the lids out as well. This will organize your Tea Packaging Wholesale while making it much easier for you to access the in-placed tea as well.

4: Large Chocolate Box Redesign

Similar to the above discussed shirt box, chocolate boxes or any other sturdy cardboard food boxes can be used for effective tea box packaging too. The inner trays with these large sized boxes serve perfectly as a tea storage container and the sturdy materials keep them safe as well. Chocolate box made Custom Tea Boxes; you can wrap them up using paper wraps as well. Label these boxes in your own preferred labels as well and your effective tea packaging boxes should be good to go.

As long as you picked up sturdy and durable materials made chocolate boxes, your inside placed tea should be well protected. You should however remove the lid or top material portion with these boxes before using them as proper Tea Boxes. Place these boxes inside drawers or make a separate lid for them from cardboard when required as well. By making use of any of our mentioned easy DIY tea box packaging ideas, you can organize your kitchen in a much better way. No longer will your tea packets or sachets will have to live homeless. They will stay organized and ready for use whenever you need them for usage.

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