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How to make your journey more enjoyable

How to make your journey more enjoyable newspatrolling

Every one of us just loves to take a trip at any time we get a small break from our busy schedule. We are so packed of doings in creating our aspiring future that we totally forget to rejoice and think a lot of in our day. Whether it’s your daily travel or a longer trip, the journey can look as if uninteresting at first. Reaching your destination is not just a subject of setting GPS in your cell phones. It has a need of focus on arriving safe and sound. 

Have you ever thought that you can reach your destination sooner or later but at the same time you can take pleasure from your journey? Yes, you can make your journey into a pleasing one, wondering how? Here are some ways to make your trip more enjoyable:

 Show Your Creativity: The long journey is a wonderful excuse to give yourself to some artistic leisure hunt. You can take a camera and click the photos from your comfortable seats while you wait to reach your destination. 

Amuse Yourself: You can apply it for a longer trip. Pack a small journal to keep yourself engaged. Put on paper your out of the ordinary observations of the world around you, any interesting thoughts you encompass like interesting small pieces of conversation you listen in. This will not only help out you to enjoy yourself and pass the time, you’ll have something to memorize the instant for years to come. You can also go for sketching in your note pad if you don’t like writing. 

Friendship Building: You can make friends on the train. If someone catches your eye and smiles, or asks you a question, hit up a conversation. Carrying a book along with you can help you stay entertained on a long train journey. 

Window Seat: Just take a split second to merely look out the window and watch anything interesting you passing by. Bring a MP3 player or other transportable device that will play music for you. You can turn on your music and use this to zone out and relax at the same time as enjoying the ride.   

Mobile Games: Use your phone to play different games. You can also choose games which you can play with friends, like draw something, so you can slot in with your friends from a distance. Keep in mind that you should have a support plan. Games that need Internet access may eat up your data if the train does not have wi-fi. 

Eat for Yourself: Make sure that you pack healthy snacks, as a reasonable diet can help you handle your emotions. Add things like fresh fruit and vegetables and whole grain chips or bread.


Take a Walk: You can get up and move around anytime. You can walk up and down the walkways. This can present some amusement in addition to letting you get a fine stretch in.


A journey can teach you so many lessons. From eating food which you bunched from your home to looking out of the window, from making new friends with total strangers to laughing with them, from spending time with yourself to so many things you can do on a journey.


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