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How to Organize a Business Trip to Phuket, Thailand

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Organizing a business trip to Phuket the largest island in Thailand requires some forethought. The island is more spread out than most people realize before they arrive. With Phuket, there’s a newer and an older airport on the island. Usually, you’re heading from one of the airports across a substantial part of the land mass to get to a beach area with upmarket hotels, business facilities, and the usual local amenities.

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Here are a few tips to organize an enjoyable business trip to Phuket.

Expansive Meeting Rooms at the Holiday Inn Resort in Phuket

The Holiday Inn Resort at Phuket Mai Khao Beach is a convenient four-star hotel in a tropical location while still offering comfortable business-oriented facilities. There are plenty of individuals, business groups, and corporate trips taken in the area. Take meetings during part of the day and a dip in the swimming pool or a walk along the beach later in the day.

Indeed, this Holiday Inn has appointed meeting rooms Phuket to prevent you having to waste time trying to locate somewhere quiet to meet. This is invaluable in a tourist spot where it can get quite noisy outdoors. The meeting rooms meet the Thailand MICE Venue Standard. The space can host large group meetings, seminars, dining experiences, and other social events such as weddings.

Transportation While in Phuket

If you’re meeting with prospective clients and wish to impress them, you might want to rent a car through Avis. This can usually be done when arriving at the airport. Doing so provides you complete freedom of movement while enjoying the air-conditioning.

The alternative is to take tuk-tuk rides and taxis as needed. These can really add up, especially when the distance traveled is considerable. Having new clients standing around in extreme heat waiting for a taxi to arrive is less than ideal. It’s far better to rent a vehicle instead and use Google Maps for hands-free navigation.

Corporate Entertainment

Entertaining corporate guests is a little difficult to do in Phuket without being surrounded by many tourists. It’ll be up to you to choose trips or places to visit that won’t be so overcrowded where everyone who doesn’t enjoy crowds can still have an enjoyable time.

One trip that might be less crowded is a visit to the Flying Hanuman Ziplining Experience. Great for anyone who likes adrenalin and isn’t afraid of heights (good to check first with a show of hands). Alternatively, a whitewater rafting trip combined with a 4-wheel drive overland journey is a good alternative for people with a fear of heights. For a more extensive one- or two-day trip, head to the Phi Phi Islands, with the ‘James Bond island,’ to impress your guests. Most likely, the best thing to do is suggest a few options and let your corporate guest split off into a couple of groups if they decide on different trips. That way, all your bases are covered, and everyone is happy.

A business trip to Phuket is a great way to do a few deals and socializing while fitting in some fun too. The mixture is a potent one that’s bound to please your clients to no end.

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