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How to pick jewelry according to face shape?

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Jewelry plays a very intimate role in every woman’s life. With changing times, the jewelry designs are evolving too by adapting various shapes and versatile colors to accentuate the appearance of a woman. In the passing years, demand for artificial jewelry has increased because of their attractiveness and affordability. As many a woman looks for variations in their accessories as to straddle between the fine lines of traditional as well as formal look. What better than getting a variety of jewelries that too in an affordable price?

While selecting the jewelry you need to match it with the shape of your face as to enhance your facial features. After all, your face is the very first thing a person notices about you.

  1. Oval-shaped face:

The ones with the oval shape of the face can opt for any type of jewelry. Especially chokers will emphasize your long neck. When it comes to choosing earrings avoid going for long earrings as they lengthen the look of your face. Opt for eye-wears with a square frame with a slightly rounded edge.

  1. Round-shaped face:

Woman with round face shape is suggested to go for looping necklaces to draw the eyes down by lengthening the face. Choose dangle-shaped, tear-drop shaped, or ear threads when it comes to earrings. Eyewear should be in rectangular shape with some detailed work on the frame near the eyebrow region.  

  1. Rectangular-shaped face:

Collar, princess length or chokers are the ideal choice of necklaces for women with a rectangular-shaped face. Long, wide colorful chandeliers add movement and drama to your facial features to camouflage with the length of your face giving you a glamorous appearance.

  1. Square-shaped face:

Long tear-drop shaped or large oval hoops are the perfect set of choice in matters of earrings for women with square face shape. Rope length, matinee, and opera category among the neckpieces will go perfect with your strong jawline. Choose pendants with swirls and curves to conceal your angular elements.

  1. Heart-shaped face:

Experiment with the latest geometrical space filling designs or go for hoops with horizontal lines to guise with the narrow chin. Necklaces –like circular neck wires, short bib-style or multi-layered chokers are totally advisable.

No matter what the shape of your face is you can always look out for artificial jewelry as they are so inexpensive and come with diverse designs. Their easy availability and eye-catching designs make them so desirable.

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