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How to Plan a Wedding

The first thing that pops into mind when planning a wedding is ‘where on earth do I start?’ There is so much to do, and even though you may feel you have a lot of time, you never really have enough time. The process can be overwhelming and lead to nervous breakdowns for the best of us.

There are so many decisions to make, from venue to themes, from music to catering. And the fact that each decision is interconnected with the other makes the planning process even harder.So how do you get started? Katie Jones from gives you the blueprint for planning a great wedding regardless of the time you have before your big day.

Set Your Budget

Before you do anything else, you should know the budget limitations you are working with. You can’t make any planning decision without knowing if you can afford it or not. Figure it how much money you have saved up plus any money other people like your parents might contribute. This is the total budget for your wedding.

Next you want to allocate the budget to different aspects of the wedding. The best way to start would be to make a priority list and allocate certain percentages of your budget to each item. This is a flexible budget that will change the closer you get to the wedding. Anytime you go over or under the budget of a particular item, you will have to adjust it against the budget of another. So the budgetallocation will keep you in check and stop you from overspending.

Be Clear About What You Want

One of the biggest obstacles when planning a wedding is not being sure about what it is you want. You need to know what type of wedding it is going to be for you to be able to plan for it. Is it a formal wedding or a casual affair? Are you going for a traditional church wedding or something more exciting?

Talk to you partner and be clear about what you want. Look at as many magazines and websites as you can get your hands on and bookmark things that speak to you. Make a shortlist of ideas for all aspects of the wedding. Maybe you’ll end up with 20 shortlisted ideas for wedding cakes, another 30 for themes, and 50 for wedding favours. Keep shortening the list and until you know what you want.

Decide the Guest List

Deciding the guest list is incredibly important during the planning process because it has a bearing on a number of different decisions and factors. The main consideration is who you want to invite, but the guest list has a major affect on budgets as well. For instance the venue of a 100 person wedding would be different from 300. Guest overhead costs like catering, wedding favours, seating will definitely affect your budget.

You should start with a guest list containing everyone you want to invite. You may need to cross off a few names depending on other factors, so be mentally prepared for that. Also, always remember that not everyone you invite will attend, so you can give yourself some leeway.

The Venue, Colours, Music and Other Factors

Your venue must be suitable for the type of wedding you want. In fact, the venue, theme, music and food are all interdependent. When short listing venues make sure you do your research. Only visit a place when everything checks out. Make sure that there aren’t any restrictions in place that could hamper the type of wedding you want. Many places have food and beverage restrictions, pets may not be allowed.

You might be picky about the menu, music, themes and flower arrangements but as long as they are of sufficient quality, guests aren’t very concerned. You feed them well and make sure there is enough liquor to go around, they’ll be happy.Add some music they can dance to when they get a drunk, and you’ve had a successful wedding. So the most important thing to remember is that your catering, music and even the theme should be something fun. You don’t need to fret too much about the intricacies of these things, because they won’t make a lot of difference.

The Main Consideration

A wedding is about two people in love deciding to spend their lives together. This is the most important thing and your guests will notice it. As long as you are happy and enjoying yourself, the wedding will be a blast for everyone. While planning your wedding, be comfortable with your choices and go with whatever feels right to you. This is what counts the most.

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