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How to plan perfect valentine’s day for your spouse

No matter how you choose to make Valentine’s Day memorable for your spouse, it’s about the love you share with each other and their devotion. We will take time out of our day to let our partner know what it means to us.We all know that sometimes life can get pretty crazy and that our relationships can get lost in the daily ruts in which we sometimes end up. So, consistently communicating our love for one another is always a blessing.

Love is something that evolves over time and shifts just like we do as individuals do. So, Valentine’s Day is a day that reminds us to keep alive and strong this love.

  • Here are some perfect valentine’s day ideas  :
    Surprise her with a note sent to her by her favorite flowers asking her to pick out a favorite dress to wear for the date that night you’re taking her. Then take her to her favorite restaurant, do a candle-light dinner.
  • Write a text to her about how much she means to you. Include something about what made you fall in love with her when you met and what is now making your love even deeper. Tell her how special she is to you, and why.
  • Create your own slideshow set to music and include all the cute pics and video clips capturing your relationship’s essence.
  • Give chocolates to the loved one. It’s easy to understand why Valentine’s Day chocolate is the preferred way to express love. There is an allure to chocolate that is exotically romantic in nature, it’s essentially an edible declaration of love that makes the chocolate recipients feel special and ultimately gratifying.
  • After dinner, go for a long drive. Choose a place which has importance or significance to one or both of you. For example, visit the place where you first met.

BY: Tania Sondhi, Co founder, MatchMe-

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