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How to prepare for SSC exams in India

ssc exam

SSC  – Staff Selection Commission conduct exams every year in order to fulfill various empty posts in various government department. There are several important things to notice about the exams, meaning the questions asked in these type of exams are more general knowledge and history related.

Today, we will discuss about best methods to prepare for SSC exams. As you are aware, there are 3 tiers to this exams – Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3. Sarkari Result is one of the places which can assist you in many ways with SSC exams.

Tier 1

  • Reasoning
  • General Awareness
  • Quantitative Aptitude
  • English

Tier 2

  • Quantitative Aptitude
  • English

Tier 3

  • Essay and Letter writing

This is patterns of all the 3 tiers conducted in these exams. We need to prepare on a timely fashion to ensure that we cover all grounds without any last minute regrets or remorse.



When it comes to the improving on a language, the best way is to start reading more books, articles, newspapers in that language. Make a note of all the difficult words, words that you don’t understand and more to look it up in a dictionary later. A major part of the questions are repeated every year, so it always better to thoroughly go though last year’s paper.


As I informed earlier, last year’s paper is sufficient in this section, so collect that information and go through the same. That is sufficient, don’t waste your time to search for other things in reasoning.

General Awareness

This is one of the difficult sections in Tier 1. In order to gain as much mark as possible from this section, read these books:

  • Lucent’s general awareness
  • Kiran publication previous years general awareness
  • Daily newspaper

Essay and Letter writing

Essay is a long story about something or someone. Usually a topic will be given to write on, and you have to write on it. In order to be prepared for anything, the best way is to read essays and letter writing. Letter writing is more an etiquette. You need to follow simple steps while writing a letter.

  • To and From
  • Subject of the letter
  • Body of the Letter
  • Ending – courteous wishes

With these steps, letter writing is done. Practice as much letter writing as possible and it certainly helps in writing a formal or an informal letter.

Mock Tests

Don’t be afraid or embarrassed to take mock tests. The more mock tests you take online, the better you will know where you stand. Follow these 4 steps without fail and you will certainly clear the SSC exams with ease.

  • Take these seriously
  • Attempt Smartly
  • Know your limits
  • Analyze how you performed

Repeat this process to better yourself on a daily basis if possible. You will be more than ready for the actual exam.

Final Thoughts

SSC exams are the gateway to earn government jobs. If you are really willing to earn a good position, you would need to have a good score. Please follow these steps on a daily basis and you are assured to get excellent scores.

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