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How to prepare well for management entrance exams

Brief: For any candidate aspiring for admission to a Master of Business Administration (MBA) course, it’s essential to take a seat for an entrance examination. However, preparing for an MBA entrance examination poses quite few challenges, which include but aren’t limited to the vastness of syllabus, the problem level of questions also because the level of competition. rather than chasing the competition, the candidates who choose a sensible preparation strategy ace the competitive exams. Before beginning preparations, it’s important to think about each aspect of the exam and are available up with a study decide to tackle the exam preparation. The plan doesn’t need to be perfect in every sense, it just must work tolerably to assist you get into your required MBA colleges in India.

  1. Right skilling for your future workforce

Brief: The pandemic accelerated the training focus, wherein “learning became for survival”, and not just a good-to-have. Today’s workforces are compelled to continuously unlearn and relearn, while aligning self-learning with the larger organisational learning goals. Organisational learning is usually seen playing catch-up as technology advances. it’s therefore essential that L&D leaders carve out a sustainable learning strategy, by offering customised and versatile learning offerings to interact learners. A learning pull are often created by developing a collaborative and homogenous learning ecosystem. this may help directly impact rock bottom line. While L&D creates such an ecosystem, ownership and accountability must be shared with business heads.

  1. Impact and Strategies for Education sector in India amid Covid-19

Brief: The second wave has forced the education institutions to remain close for a longer period. While education institutes have ensured that students are learning at home through various initiatives. Education Institutes are exploring ways to provide hybrid education comprising of both offline and online teaching methods. The focus is on bringing new learning methodologies, quality learning content and evaluation assessment model. The scientific temperament of students will play a deciding role in post Covid world therefore education system should focus on developing critical thinking ability, logical reasoning ability and scientific temper among students.

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