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How to prevent acne effectively

Acne breakout is a very common problem these days. It stresses you out, especially when you have to go out. It lowers your confidence level, makes you anxious and irritated. For this, people try so many pills, medicated creams and a lot more, but all in vain. Let me guide you with some personally tried tips that will help you prevent acne effectively:

Avoid stress-

 The foremost thing to prevent acne is to avoid stress. Studies show that stress is the leading cause of acne. So just try to be stress-free and prevent acne.

Check your diet-

Just have a look at your diet. If it includes greasy, oily food, high sugar consumption, excess of dairy products then you need to change it. Lower the amount of these products and include more of fresh fruit and vegetables.

 Be choosy while buying makeup-

Choose the makeup products carefully. Go for oil free makeup. In case you are suffering from acne breakout then avoid putting on any kind of makeup and if you have to do it then make sure to remove it and wash your face properly at the end of the day.

Workout daily-

Make it a daily routine to work out every day. Also take care of it to take a bath after exercise, because in case if you avoid, it can lead to clogging of pores with dirt and bacteria which can further worsen the problem.

Drink plenty of water-

Drinking around 8 glasses of water can help you flush out all the toxins from the body. Water will not only help you prevent acne but also exquisite for your overall health. Drinking water empty stomach early morning can do wonders for you.

Wash your face every day-

Make it a daily routine to wash your face at least once a day with a good face wash that suits you well.

Avoid direct sunlight-

Coming in contact with direct sunlight for a long time not only risks you to skin cancer but is also a significant cause of acne. It clogs your skin. So, whenever you go out in the sun, make sure to cover yourself properly and also apply sunscreen lotions.

On the whole, just take care of your skin and try to use as many natural products as you can. Pamper yourself with these tips and enjoy the results. It just needs little efforts from your side that will save you from those medicated strong products and anti-acne pills.


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