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How to prevent colour bleeding from new clothes

Laundry Tips : When you spend your hard earned money into buying your new clothes, it is but obvious that you think twice before washing / dry-cleaning it. But one of the most common concern with new colourful clothes is that it should not bleed. Though it does not happen most likely with good quality clothes but one can never be too sure.  You end up asking your friends or reading up online about the same.  Today we are going to share some of such tips that will help you prevent colour bleeding from clothes.

  1. Separating light and dark colored clothes:One very wise step to follow is to wash light/pastel coloured clothes separately from dark coloured clothes. This tips ensures that even if the dye releases in the water, it does not cast a shade on the other clothes.
  1. Washing inside out: Another pro-tip is to wash your clothes inside out. This will ensure that the top surface faces least friction and hence the fading could be avoided on the top.
  1. Vinegar: While rinsing the clothes, you may add a cup of vinegar in the bucket or in the washing machine. This makes sure that the colour remains intact.
  1. Salt: While soaking the clothes initially, add a cup of salt in the water. It is said that the salt in the water helps clothes retain the colour even when you wash them. But be sure to be gentle while washing these.
  1. Cold water treatment: You should never wash coloured clothes in hot/lukewarm water. You should always use cold water for washing colourful clothes.
  1. Wash one at a time: Though this is not always possible owing to our busy schedule, but it is better to wash colorful clothes one at a time. Or if you are using a washing machine, be sure you do not fully stuff it.
  1. Not over stuffing the dryer: While drying too, one should be careful of leaving sufficient space because it will help the clothes dry out faster, minimizing the risk.
  1. Over drying: As soon as your clothes are dry, take them inside as the longer exposure to the sunlight and its UV rays might result in colour fading.

Follow these simple and easy steps and keep your clothes’ original colours last longer. These tips are surely going to reduce fading and bleeding to the largest extent. Most of the times, colours do not bleed after the 3rd or the 4th wash. But in case you do not want to take the risk, you may continue following the above tips to be on the safer side.

By: Express Laundry service provider in Gurgaon

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