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How to react on LOVE Proposals

Speak out. Ok!

It is our elation that we are Indians. It is the havoc of our pride and felicitation that we have the manifold of Indian legacies. Indians are basically yet usually romantic, artistic people by nature. We love to read romance based stories, poems, love to listen romantic tunes, and want to witness love related dramas, movies Etc. We love to fall in love in our real life also. But, it is verity that our factual yet actual life is absolutely distinct from the dreamy, steamy fictional life. But, when ever somebody in his/her real life desires to propose his/her love peer, he/she usually takes help from the romance based fictional objects (literature, performing art Etc.), and want to get an impeccable, romantic reply also.

In a romantic (Indian) movie, we usually see that a handsome boy proposes a beautiful girl. That girl accepts the proposal gladly and after that they start to dance in rain and start to sing with full of ecstasy and pleasure also. But in real life – it is impossible. Absolutely impossible. Hence, some revelations for you to help you out respectively in this very serious niche. –

how-to-react-love-proposal-newspatrolling1)     No space for assumption. Make yourself 100 percent sure about the fact that – he/she is really bashing, poking, butting, jolting you with a savage love proposal merely – nothing else (in case he/she is acquainting his/her massage – indirectly – through his/her body language).

2)     Now lull up your mind, make it free from briskness, mess, jaaz, oscillation and peep into every bend your own heart path assertively yet obligatorily. Be candid to yourself – concede everything. Don’t comprehend yourself as your foe or adverse.

3)     Now just immerse into yourself. Take time to discern – is there an incarnation of that aspirant, ascended person (who had immured you in his/her heart prison) in the dusk! Make no hurry.

4)     Avoid procrastination also – time is buzzing, don’t forget that.

5)     Dig up the pile of prejudices from your heart havoc.

6)     Now very carefully observe your own feelings towards him/her. – Did he/she already tenure a pleasant locus in your sanctified heart barge and became a protégé!

7)     If yes, then become an abandon and quirky person and acquire the lusty, robust, radiate confidence to busk her/his companionship now. Consider him/her as a sower and yourself as a reaper.

8)     If no, don’t shackle yourself. Don’t be a timed one – just evict up the every fuzz of the guilty feeling or squeal or grievance or wrath from your conscience. Just recede and lag up all the memories eventually. (Don’t be a grave of old memories).

9)     If he/she (the worthwhile) had proposed you indirectly (through his/her body language), then you also choose the same genre to react now. – Apply a swarm of your body languages very diligently yet carefully as the repartee or your faithful consul to ensoul him/her to jazz up your life.

10)  Use the same voice – which has no sound to say him/her “No” also.

11)  Make unison between your thoughts and endeavours. Your violations should not be lean.

12)  Don’t be harsh. Don’t be something burdensome.

13)  Don’t be sarcastic.

14)  Make kinship with your own radical trait.

15)  Don’t do anything which is venturesome.

16)  Your hunch should be very clear.

If that person does not understand your massage, then say it clearly.

By: Mithu Ghoshal

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