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How to Record a Screencast with Movavi Screen Recorder for Mac

How to Record a Screencast with Movavi Screen Recorder for Mac newspatrolling

On many video sharing sites, you have seen people uploading videos that show a recording of their computer screen. If you also want to record your computer screen, you will need to get a screen recording software. The screen recording software lets you record every activity that happens on the computer screen. It is great for recording gameplay, software tutorial/walkthrough, online movies/audio podcast and skype conversations. You only need a simple video recorder for Mac like Movavi Video Recorder to get your screen recording jobs done.

To start recording your computer screen, you must first download Movavi Screen Recorder for Mac at the official site. When the program launches, your cursor will transform into a crosshair cursor. You can now select the window which you want to record by clicking on it. For example, if you want to record your web browser, you just hover your mouse over the browser window and a border will be seen around it to show that it is selected. Clicking on it will set the recording frame over there.

If you want to record a specific area on the screen, you can click anywhere on the screen and drag the corner of the frame to the desired size. You can also set the size of the recording frame by selecting a preset from the drop down menu in the control panel. In the control panel, you can check the audio option if you want music playing on your speakers to be recorded. You can check the microphone option if you want to do a voice recording during the screen recording session.

Beside the microphone option, there is a vertical bar. If you plug in the microphone correctly, the vertical bar will go up and down. The vertical bar beside the system audio button is for adjusting the volume of the sound from the audio speakers during recording. There are more settings that you can customize by going to the properties menu. To access the properties menu, you must hover your mouse above the control panel.

When the navigation menu appear, you must select Settings and it will open the properties menu. In Properties, you can set the start time and end after feature in the Capture Time tab. In the Effects tab, you can customize the cursor color when you are moving your mouse or clicking. The color for both the left and right mouse button clicks can be customized. You can also set a custom click sound for your mouse or use the default sound.

When you want to start the screen recording, you can press the big red REC button on the control panel. Pressing the REC button will start the counting down that lasts for 5 seconds. Before the 5 seconds end, make sure you already get ready to record whatever activity you want to record on the screen. If you are recording a movie, be prepared to press the play button when the 5 seconds timer end. If you are recording a software walkthrough, be prepared to move your cursor to explain the walkthrough as soon as the 5 seconds end.

Finally, when the recording ends, you can click on the stop button. Here, you can trim off the parts that you accidentally record. If you want to perform more advanced editing, you can click on the open in editor button and edit it in the Movavi Video Editor. You can click the save as button and save the screencast that you have recorded on your computer.

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