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How to Recover Permanently Deleted Files from Mac

No matter how much we take care, data loss is very common. We all lose some important files that we need to recover at some point. Thanks to Mac data recovery software that are highly advanced these days, it is now possible and easy to recover your data. A few years ago, we could not even have thought of doing so.


All you have to do is just select the disk and click Scan and the software will show you thousands of files that you have deleted in the past and you can recover them now. EaseUS Data Recovery Software is one such software that will generate thumbnails of the files that are retrievable and by that, you can view the files and recover them instantly.

First Thing To Do

First of all, you need to evaluate how much risk you are at. I mean, if you have deleted a small file or a single document, you can get it back very easily but if you have lost many files or a big file with many documents in it, then the situation is a lot more complicated and you need to act as you are in some emergency. Below are the steps you need to follow in order to get back your file unharmed and completely.

Mac File Recovery – Step one:

First of all, you need to stop using your Mac immediately or as soon as possible. If you are downloading anything on your system, stop the process. Along with that, close all the programs that may write on the disk. This will help in not overwriting on the disk which is the most crucial part of the deleted file recovery. A file stays on the disk until it is overwritten by a new data.

Mac File Recovery – Step Two:

Next thing to do is to download Mac Data Recovery software. Before downloading any recovery software, do your research about the software and if the software is meeting your requirement or not. Also, there are software that give you a free trial in which you can scan and preview the file without paying anything and if you see the file in the scan and you now know that you can get the file back, only then you pay and retrieve your file. EaseUS Data Recovery Software is one such software that you can use for your file recover.

Mac File Recovery – Step Three:

Finish installing the data on your Mac and run the data recovery software. The software will run a quick and a deep scan of the disk and show you all the retrievable files that are present on the disk. You can search your file and preview it. Then press the Recover File button and you will see a box asking you if want to recover the file to the same disk you are recovering it from or you want to save it on some other disk or some external disk. Select the option and you will get your file back.


Though there is a lot of space available on your disk and possibly you can get back your file way long after you have lost it as they are not overwritten due to other space available on the disk, we recommend all the above steps because technically this is the best way to be sure that you have good chances of recovering the data. You can recover all types of file whether it’s a document, photos or music tracks. But don’t forget to save your important files in some external drive as sometimes you are not able to recover the files even with the help of the data recovery software.

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