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How To Reuse Your Old Gadgets

We all love our gadgets and are always on the lookout to try the latest electronic gadgets. It is due to these gadgets that life has become simpler for us and a lot more enjoyable. Gadgets like smartphones have become an indispensible part of our lives and it’s impossible to think living without them. However, if we consider the environmental impact of these gadgets, it should prompt us to be more careful when throwing our old gadgets. Much of the e-waste that we throw out ends up in landfills, where it leads to soil and water pollution.

Buying new gadgets also represents significant carbon footprint, which is why we need to be judicious in our use of gadgets. Rather than throwing your old gadgets, you can put them to good use. Here are some great ideas to reuse your old gadgets, which will ultimately contribute to the cause of environmental conservation.

Surveillance camera: Your old smartphone probably comes with a high-resolution camera, so you can use it as a surveillance device. It could be used both indoors and outdoors. For outdoor use, you probably have to conceal it in a water tight casing. You can wirelessly connect to the device using an app and access the images and videos on your PC or mobile device.

In-car GPS: Your old smartphone can be used as an in-car GPS system, which will work as an alternative for third-party GPS devices. Service providers usually bundle GPS services and hardware, so if you use your old mobile phone, you can save on the hardware costs.

Digital photo frame: This would be an interesting DIY project, where you transform your old smartphone into a digital photo frame. You just need to add a frame to your old mobile phone using cardboard or plastic sheet. This will make it look exactly like a digital photo frame. Next, you need to install digital photo frame software, so that you can run slideshows of the selected photos.

Wi-Fi hotspot: If you don’t already have a Wi-Fi device, you can use your old smartphone to create a home Wi-Fi. You will just need a 3G/4G SIM to create a wireless hotspot in your home.

You can go ahead and buy the latest electronic gadgets, but make sure the old ones are properly utilized or disposed. If you don’t plan to reuse them, the best option is to donate them to an e-waste recycling company. Some of these companies will even pick up the e-waste from your home if you contact them. Never mix your old gadgets and gizmos with normal garbage, as it would be harmful to the environment.

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