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How to Spend A Superb Vacation in Rajasthan?

Rajasthan is the largest state in India, but the large part of its land is covered by the Great Indian Desert, Thar.

This state has seen the age of kings, so it was also called ‘The Land Of Kings’. It is full of amazing styles of architecture and arts which make it a magnificent location that attracts tourists from everywhere.

The Best Places In Rajasthan

This state has many amazing places to explore including:

1. Jaipur
Jaipur is the capital and the largest city in the state, it is also known as the ‘Pink City of India’ due to the distinctive pink color of its buildings. Few years ago, Jaipur was ranked as the 7th of the best places to visit in Asia since it has a lot of things to offer including monuments, temples, forts, gardens, markets, museums and many other amazing locations.
2- Udaipur

Udaipur is known by the locals and the tourists as the city of lakes because it has a lot of amazing lakes. Udaipur is popular for its palaces that exemplify the finesse of Rajputana Style architecture. Don’t miss exploring the City Palace Lake, Pichola Lake, The Royal Vintage, Car Museum and many others.

3. Jodhpur
Jodhpur is considered the second most populated city of Rajasthan after Jaipur, it is popular for its heritage, forts and cuisine.

It is also called the Sun City as its specified by a bright sunny weather all year round. Enjoy various hill forts, palaces, the old walled city and many other locations in this wonderful city.

4. Jaisalmer

This city is famous for its heritage, Thar Desert, Havelis, Jaisalmer Fort, Sam Sand Dunes and many other interestinglocations.

The city is called Jaisalmer due to the golden sands of the Thar Desert which are also used in the city’s architecture.

5. Bikaner

Bikaner is a unique tourist destination which is known for its sweets, snacks, forts and food, as wekk as for its various arts and crafts.

Rajasthan’s 10 Best Restaurants

Exquisite restaurants and gastronomic delights are the main reason aytract a huge number of tourists to Rajasthan, it offers amazing cuisine influenced by the traditional warrior and inhabitants lifestyles. Here are the favourite five restaurants which most tourists prefer:
1- Jaipur | Cinnamon
It has a rich Indian ambience of the decor capable of taking anyone on a regal culinary journey. They offer delicious food including thali, salad, vegetables, rice, Indian bread, curries and a variety of delicious Indian desserts.

2- Jaipur | Suvarna Mahal
They provide vegetable kebabs, barbecued lamb, rich malpuas, rasmalais and many delicious food.
3- Jodhpur | Darikhana
Its terrace offers magnificent views of the Mehrangarh Fort while they serve the perfect backdrop for a romantic meal.

4- Jodhpur | RisalaRisala

They are specialized in serving a blend of imaginative and regal continental and Indian cuisines.

5- Udaipur | Devi Garh

It is a multi-cuisine restaurant, which serves up a range of authentic home-cooked flavours with flowers and candles.

6- Jaisalmer | The TrioThe Trio

It provides a welcome breeze and views of the Maharaja’s palace. They serve interesting dishes like succulent strips of chicken stir-fried with shredded vegetables.

Rajasthan also offers remarkable dishes

Rajasthan is one of the fabulous places in India. In addition to its majestic palaces, gorgeous landscapes and rich history, it also offers delicious, innovative dishes including: Dal baati churma, Gatte ki subzi, Laal maans, Ker sangri, Papad ki subzi, Bajra ki roti with lasun chutney, Raab, Onion kachori, Panchkuta and Ghevar. These salty and sweet dishes are a combination between classical, traditional and modern ingredients to meet all interests.

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