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How to starch your clothes perfectly

You must have heard the famous saying ‘clothes make a man’. It implies that the way you dress, projects your personality and the people build an image of yours in their mind accordingly. A shabbily dressed up person will be considered lazy and unpresentable, dirty clothes implies unhygienic and careless personality, while a tidily dressed up person with crisp clothes projects a strong, bold and independent personality. Hence it is very important to keep your clothes looking clean and crisp always, especially your formal wear.

There are certain fabrics such as, cotton, linen, etc. that requires not just a thorough cleaning but a step further – starching. Such fabrics look good only when they are properly starched an ironed. Dry cleaners charge a bomb when it comes to starching, so in case you would want to save some money they you may do it at home also with some basic steps.

Read below to understand how starching can be done in different ways conveniently at home without any hassles:

Method 1: Using store-bought spray starch or liquid starch

This is the easiest method to starch your clothes, you just simply need to wash the clothes and let them dry partially (just a little bit of dampness in the clothes would be needed). Then spray the starch on the clothes and iron it. Be cautious of not over doingas it will then become flaky after ironing. If you want to make this step easier, just add some liquid starch while rinsing the clothes and then sundry them. After drying, iron the clothes as you normally do.

Method 2: Preparing starch at home

For this, you need a tablespoon of cornstarch mixed with 1/4th cup of cold water. Then boil 4 cups of water in a pan, and then add this solution gradually. Allow it to cool at room temperature. Then you may use it in the way mentioned in Method 1 above.

In case of store-bought starch, it is always advised to follow the instructions mentioned on the label to see best results. Aerosol cans and spray bottles are usually considered to be the most effective ways of starching clothes. And as much as starching is important, it is equally important to iron the clothes perfectly erasing out all the wrinkles. Wearing such crisp and clean clothes will not only make you feel confident but also impress the people who meet you.


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