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How to start a career as a jewelry artist

jewellery artist

If you carry the creative flair and talent to design metals that excite & woo people, you are perfect to start your career as a jewelry artist. This career gives you the opportunity either to be self-employed or join any renowned jewelers across the globe.

There are many different types of ways that you can take to build your career as a successful jewelry artist. Let’s pore over a little further to know how to start a career as a jewelry artist:

  1. Decide your path

First of all ensure what exactly you want to step into. Decide whether you want to only design or you want to create your own jewelry.

If you want to start with the designing, you should focus on your technical skills by getting an education in jewelry designing.

But, if you are interested in creating your designs, then you need to gain knowledge, practice and become an expert in working with metals and various raw materials used to create jewelry.

  1. Get started with the basics

You can start out just by learning the basics which include resizing and re-shaping jewelry and continue to learn more difficult procedures like mold-making, cutting & setting stones, engraving, and metalworking. Once you get these basic skills, you can proceed with your personal style and can practice mastering.

It is advisable to get the hang of artistic skills, manual dexterity, steady hands, and ability to visual design ideas. Also, what comes in handy is an experience with CAD software and the knowledge of popular fashion. Knowledge of gemology, jewelry fabrication, and sales is required to understand the process of jewelry production.

  1. Attain a competitive edge with a degree

Jewelry artists become more specialized or independent with a formal education. So, depending on your area of interest, you can join a school and get a degree. You can get yourself a degree of Bachelor of Fine Arts or Masters of Fine Arts in Metalwork and Jewelry Design. There are ample of accredited art based institutes and universities where you can join.

  1. Work in an industry

As soon as you’re done with your degree or skills and knowledge, it is important to get your hands working. Try applying at local jewelers and then target working in big industries or brands.

Meanwhile, make sure that the jewelers with which you work with take you to the right direction so that ultimately you can become a professional and skillful jewelry artist.

Whether you set up on your own or work in-house for a brand, either way, your important role is to give a strong artistic vision.

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