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How to start Flex Offers Affiliate Programs?-Step-By-Step Guide

FlexOffers is actually an affiliate network which connects you with many reputable companies for which you can be the affiliate partner. This company flaunts more than 12000 affiliate marketing programs with new ones being added every day. Some of FlexOffers affiliate program include brand names such as Skin Store, Lord & Taylor, as well as the InterContinental Hotel Group. The company hosts a wide array of programs that suit every niche.

In order to get started and sign up with the Flex Offers app, you should have your very own website. The Flex Offers Affiliate Program supports all variants of publishers that use promotional methods including emailers, bloggers, as well as media buyers.

However, owning a website still is mandatory for the application process and verification of the identity. Even if the affiliate marketers do not promote their campaigns over the website, a personal website/blog is still required.

Step-1: Application Process

In order to start the process for affiliate application, you need to visit the registration page of Flex Offers. Once you reach the page, you need to click over the Publisher Sign Up Page.

Step-2: Complete the Application

The next step for Flex Offers application process involves completion of the application process. The best way to avoid rejection is to adhere to the following advice:

  • Provide honest, truthful information
  • Flex Offers Affiliate Program approves applicants that know what they are doing and the way they shall be promoting the products. So, make sure you have planned your marketing strategy in advance.
  • Provide accurate information.
  • Read through the terms and conditions perfectly so as to ensure that complete compliance with the rules and regulations and avoid any termination of the account.
  • You can join the Flex Offers free of cost.

Best products you can easily promote with Flex Offers

The ideal products that any affiliate marketer working with the Flex offers Affiliate program needs to promote is the “Cost Per Lead” products.

Here Cost Per Lead states that you as an affiliate will acquire a commission whenever the traffic brought in by you opts for the product form of the advertiser by filling in their contact details, name, and similar information which is required by an advertised from lead.

This suggests that the audience isn’t needed to complete a purchase for you to get any commission.

The Cost Per Lead programs by Flex Offers are among the easiest methods for making money for the affiliate networks. In order to find the Cost per Lead products, as you enter the Publisher Area, you have to click over the Advertisers option and then look for the Search Advertisers option.

Scroll down and click over the Payout Type option. Now, tick over the Cost Per Lead check box. Now, click over the Search option.

This will now bring up every affiliate programs listed under the Cost Per Lead segment.

Now, if you are planning to filter your search results on the basis of the niche, you can easily enter the select categories and keywords that help narrow down your search results.

Promotion of the Affiliate Product Via Blog Post

You can easily promote the affiliate item by linking the same directly with your program. The best way to attract audience is you add valuable content to your website. Having a good percentage of valuable content allows one to inform and educate the visitor as to why one to take action. People will most likely act as they learn things and understand why taking certain action is particularly necessary.

Valuable content serves as a funnel for better sales. This is when you capture the attention of your lead and bridge them to a purchase page.

However, the generation of proper profit for affiliate programs with the Cost Per Lead method can actually be tricky and moreover, if you need the information of the lead, you need to have content that is educational enough to make them trust the website they are visiting.

Whichever way one decides to promote a program, it is recommended that one should always use the landing page prior to sending the traffic towards affiliate program.

Now, you can do this either by:

  • Capturing the information of the traffic by use of your very own lead page. With this, you can create a list for emailing that can be remarketed for follow-up later on.
  • On the other hand, you can also add the retargeting pixels onto the landing page you own. This will now allow you a chance to remarket and retarget the visitors.

How do you bring traffic to Affiliate program?

There are several ways to acquire people that can see your content. You can bring in traffic from websites such as Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, Search Engines, as well as YouTube.

Features offered by Flex Offers Affiliate Program

The Flex Offers Affiliate Program offers you several features that include:

  • Dedicated Manager for Affiliate Programs:

Flex Offers comes as an affiliate manager that helps locate the best affiliate offers. They also come forth when it comes to negotiation of commission programs.

  • Easy Access:

Flex Offers comes with a great feature known as Online Chat Support. Additionally, you can also reach them out via telephone or email if you have any queries.

  • Reliable Payment System:

Flex Offers Affiliate Program offers you a reliable system for payment option. You can get your affiliate commissions with the use of PayPal. If you are someone who lives in the United States, you can get your payment with direct deposit option or cheque option.

  • The FlexRev-Share:

The Flex Offers provides you a referral option where you can refer the publishers that have been approved and earn a certain percentage of the affiliate sales made by them for extra passive income.

Flex Offers Affiliate Program is an amazing revenue stream designed for the marketers and bloggers that have been looking for some high quality websites and brands for promotion of their individual blogs.

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