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How to start InfusionSoft Affiliate Programs? Step-By-Step Guide

Infusionsoft is the go-to platform when it comes to in-depth software for marketing and tweaking of your business. However, unless you learn the best ways to achieve you target, this platform might seem bleak to you. So here is an in-depth guide to help you out with the best practices for beginners to initiate the affiliate programs.

Step-1: Import the contact list

The absolute must when it comes to using the InfusionSoft Affiliate is importing the contact list regardless of its size. When importing the contact list onto InfusionSoft for the very first time, you shall also be exporting the list from any platform that you had been using before. The exporting part is very critical as you have to ensure that you capture as much data as possible from your old tool for marketing & get the same loaded onto the latest platform of InfusionSoft.

It is recommended that you create “TAGS” for the same purpose. You can easily create the column in the spreadsheet for export-import and then label this column as “Tag”. Now, you need to use these tags as a label for each contact on the basis of what is known about them from the use of the former marketing system. Say for instance, you have created a tag termed “Prospect” and another termed “Customer”, now you can label your contacts accordingly to ensure that purchases have been made in the past and would also be made in future.

Step-2: Set Up the DashBoard

Your dashboard in Infusionsoft is the first thing that you will notice every time that you login to this platform. Now, remember that every business comes with its unique stats which are critical to the daily operations & marketing tracking. However, there are some that a few believe to be important for every business which includes:

  • Historical Sales Stats
  • Current Sales Stats
  • Specific Product Sales Stats
  • Current Refund Stats
  • Recent Activities
  • New Lead Stats
  • New Unsubscribe Stats

You can easily add all these stats & much more to the dashboard which is right inside of Infusionsoft. The dashboard quickly displays key information such as orders reports, sales reports, lead reports, and so on inside the application.

Step-3: Setup the Email Bounce Campaign

One thing that isn’t provided by InfusionSoft is an “Out of the Box” campaign for Email Status Tracking. This campaign helps with tracking the soft bounces, hard bounces, email blocks, unsubscribes, and several other status information for emails related to the contacts you have. In the platform, when you go on the Marketing section and move to the settings, you can find an option that helps you update the defaults for Email Automation. This is where you can apply the tag to each of your contact if the status of email information changes.

Say, for instance, you sign up on the website but accidentally mistype the email address. This will result in a hard bounce for emails being sent by InfusionSoft. You need to set the Email Status Defaults for automatically tagging the contact records with a “Hard Bounce”. This campaign will help you ascertain the issues with email status.

Step-4: Build the Initial Sequencing Campaign

Your affiliate business shall greatly benefit from the initial sequencing that effectively puts through the new prospects. This serves as a welcoming party meant for the line of new potential customers. Basically, what you need to do is move the new contacts and opt-ins automatically via a content series. Now, the same needs to be moved through use of an initial sales pitch sequence that helps make the first business purchase.

Step-5: Decide the ways to track partners

If 2 partners have been marketing to the very same person & the person happens to click over both partner’s links, the question here is to ask which partner acquires credit for this sale.

Step-6: Configure your Payout Options and Default Commission Program Tracking

Another thing that you need to calibrate is creation of a commission program that will decide if you would be paying up a flat rate or percentage of the sale.

Step-7: Create the Commission Program

Each of your affiliate programs should come with a commission program that decides the efficiency of your system for referral partners. InfusionSoft allows you to set the commissions according to products and subscription plan and ascertain the cycles of payment with pay type.

Step-8: Set Up the Tracking Links

After you have created the commission program, it is time that you create the tracking links to enable the referral partners to promote the services and products in an efficient manner.

Step-9: Set Up Your Referral Partner Center

Now, you need to set up your Referral Partner Center which allows your partners to sign in for generation of links, review affiliate ledger, and build ads. Note that in InfusionSoft, the Referral Partner Center doesn’t actually use the user licences on the account and a separate sign-in is required.

Step-10: Build a Sign-Up Campaign for Referral Partner

Now after you have successfully set up everything in the InfusionSoft platform, it is time that you automate everything. You can initiate this with download of pre-built campaigns or the same can be crafted from scratch.

  • First learn the ways that you can create the registration form for referral partners in campaign builder.
  • After this, you might want to grasp the ways to merge the fields for referral partners into any emails such as the password and user name.

Step-11: Build the Follow up Campaign

Once the prospects complete the initial sequence, it is time to send them through the follow-up campaigns. The follow-up shall allow you a chance to continue the engagement with contacts and eventually move them to the sales sequences while you create the customer lifetime value.

After you are completely done with the set-up procedure, you need to keep an eye on the referral partners and check time-to-time how they perform and establish a close relationship partner relationship using InfusionSoft.

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