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How to start LiveChat Affiliate Programs?-Step By Step Guide

LiveChat released in the year 2002 is online SaaS software that comes with help desk software, live support, as well as web analytics. It works perfectly on operating systems such as OS X, Windows, Android, iOS, and web-based platforms. Several companies use this platform as the single contact point for management of all online sales and customer service that is normally catered with use of different channels like social media, chat, multiple tools, email, and so on. This platform houses more than 21000 paid customers living in more than 119 countries.

LiveChat is a great platform for Affiliate marketers, so if you are looking for the ways to start this affiliate program, here is a step-by-step guide.

Before we get to the part where you sign up for your affiliate program, here is why LiveChat works:

  • Stands Out from rest:

LiveChat is a proactive platform. Say for example that your target audience has stayed on your bonus page 15+ seconds; the platform will initiate the release of a pop-up asking if the visitor has any question regarding to the service provided by the website.

  • LiveChat is Personal:

With LiveChat, you let people know that you are available for them regardless of their queries and doubts. There is always a scope to beautifully communicate with onsite visitors.

  • Best Objection Crusher:

With LiveChat, it is easy to address the objections of the people and establish a trust-based connection with the potenial traffic clients.

Now that you know the different uses and benefits of using LiveChat, here is the step-by-step guide for you to use LiveChat as an affiliate marketing tool.


The first thing you need to do in order to create the LIveChat Affiliate Program is to sign-up at the official website. When you sign up over the website, you get access to a free-trial option that helps to determine if you want to continue using this platform for long term.

2-Install Live Chat onto your Website:

This part will merely take up 10 seconds of your time. You don’t need to be a techie in order to get through this process. This process is super fast and helps you become a great affiliate marketer.

3-Set up Popup Live Chat Feature:

Setting up the Live Chat Pop up feature is an incredibly simple 2-step process where you need to jump to the website settings option and click on the Engagement option that follows later on and you are all done.

4-Be Present:

After you have set up everything, all you need to do now is be present to answer the questions asked by potential buyers and customers. The more you engage, the more are your chances to be successful as an entrepreneur or affiliate marketer.

Now that you are done and have successfully set up your affiliate marketing program, here are some important things that you need to know.

1-Program Enrolment:

In order to be a part of the LiveChat affiliate program, you need to be a minimum of 18 year old. Additionally, you must have access to a verified and active PayPal account. To start with the enrolment process, you need to submit the completed application program through the official website.

2-Utilize links in your website:

While being enrolled as the affiliate website at MyLiveChat, you can use any variant of promotion that is thoroughly consistent with LiveChat’s terms of agreement. You can also use banner type advertisements, text links, or button links going to the LiveChat website.


The LiveChat affiliate option comes as a generous platform that simply doesn’t end at the initial payment. While working as the affiliate marketer, you get to receive around 30 percent from the initial subscription payment for all accounts that are created via referral. After this, you get 30 percent from all following subscription payments by the customers. The payments shall continue till the customer continues his subscription.

4-Commission Payment:

All the commissions that are due or owed under LiveChat commission program shall be paid directly after the holding period while establishing the regular pay cycle. All the commissions paid by LiveChat come with a hold period of 30 days.

5-Site Responsibility:

The affiliate marketer shall be completely responsible for development, maintenance, and operation of the website and all the materials which appear over the website. The affiliate marketing platform LiveChat shall hold no responsibility for anything that appears over the website.

6-Minimum Threshold for Payment:

The affiliates need to earn the minimum affiliate balance on their account which is $100 or higher before they are eligible for withdrawal of the payment. Commission accounts that have earned less than the threshold of $100 shall remain pending till the balance $100 have been acquired.

What do you get from LiveChat as an affiliate marketer?

1-Affiliate App:

With use of LiveChat affiliate app you can track your sales, earnings, and trials while you keep an eye over the performance. You can also verify what promotion strategy works for you.

2-Campaign Builder:

LiveChat is a simple platform that allows you a scope for customization of the affiliate links placed within partner app. You can also enhance the links and add special discounts or extend trial with use of few clicks.

3-High-end marketing materials:

Highly convertible banners and updated marketing materials along with copy templates and widgets are the best features provided by LiveChat that caters an optimized result for users.

4-Partners Newsletter and Blog:

Various marketing publications along with the monthly newsletters shall allow you to keep the heads up when it comes to business and allow you a chance to be better marketer.

Who can benefit from LiveChat affiliate marketing program?

The LiveChat affiliate marketing program has been designed to benefit website owners, marketers, bloggers, content writers, Social Media Stars, and YouTubers who are looking for special websites that provide access to a source for extra income. So, if you are someone looking for such platforms, LiveChat could be a great option for you.

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