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How to start Peerfly Affiliate Programs? Step-By-Step Guide

PeerFly is one among the popularly opted Cost-Per-Action affiliate advertising network. Unlike other any other affiliate network, the system conjugated by the Peerfly Affiliate Program has been custom generated so that one doesn’t depend over the unreliable hosting mechanics. Any affiliate program pays you commissions for a successful sale. However, a CPA-based network serves as a marketplace designed for affiliate programs.

The offers provided with the CPA affiliate program are also different. Most of the times, the CPA affiliate programs pay you for each lead generated as opposed to the Pay-Per-Sale option.

A Quick Glance

Peerfly is an amazing affiliate network that helps you make good money online. This affiliate network doesn’t cost you anything to join. A good lot of experience in the field can get you good money through affiliate. There are a lot of good features with Peerfly which include:

  • Way easier when it comes to use as compared to other networks.
  • Another wonderful thing about the Peerfly Affiliate Program is the fact that they tend to promote the tracking option. Peerfly doesn’t just promote serious tracking; the company also offers tools & information that helps any affiliate marketer.
  • The tools offered by the Peerfly Affiliate network are termed as the “Tracking IDs”
  • These tracking Ids help you create some special links which are unique to the user. This helps you understand which of the links have been producing proper results such as sales or actions. This helps optimize the conversions.
  • The website comes with a user-friendly website and helps in proper tracking of the referrals.
  • With Peerfly Affiliate, you have a lot to look forward to such as crucial industry notifications, payment information, and so on.
  • The thing with several affiliate networks is the fact that it can be hard to get approved or accepted as an affiliate marketer. However, with Peerfly the acceptance rate is higher.

Steps to Start the Peerfly Affiliate Marketing


The first thing to do when trying to get an approval with Peerfly is to get to the official website by following the link Now, click over the publisher application and sign up by filling up the details.


Fill in your website’s landing page link.


Now, pick at minimum of 5 of the marketing channels planned by you to be used over Peerfly and list them over the application.


In the next step, detail all your marketing experience and techniques. Also, list any other CPA or Affiliate Networks that you are connected with or leave the space vacant if that doesn’t exist.


Now, you need to list the reference from where you got to know about Peerfly.


Now choose the right method of payment preferred by you.


Click over the verify identity option.


Further, make sure that the email address added in by you is correct. Now, opt for verification of the email with a pin code. Additionally, you also need to verify your phone number.


In the next step, you need to opt for ID verification. Upload a very clear and colour copy of the government issued Identification ID. This can either be your ID card, Drivers license, or your passport. Peerfly Affiliate doesn’t accept the faxed ID copies.

What to know when applying for the Peerfly Affiliate Program?

The application process for Peerfly Affiliate is very simple and here are some of the things that you need to know about it.

1-Do you need any website?

Answer: Well, you do not need a website to apply for the affiliate marketing option provided by Peerfly. However, it would be great if you have a website handy.

2-Do you require any experience?

Answer: Even if you do not require any experience to start with Peerfly Affiliate, a clearly crafted plan is still expected. The company needs to know if you can actually successfully promote the offers. Simple terms do not define the way you would promote the offers. So, make sure you properly illustrate the idea for the company to understand.

3-Why do you need to provide the tax information?

Answer: The Company is required to obtain your tax number such as EIN or SSN to help them report any relevant income. It is also used as the verification step by the company to ensure that the information provided in accurate.

4-Why does the company ask for your photo ID?

Answer: This is done so that the company can be assured that the person your ID shows you to be is actually really you. You need to submit the ID along with a picture of you holding the ID. If you have issues uploading the file, it could be possible that the file actually is very large. Try opting for the resizing option.

After you have submitted the application, the applications are then reviewed manually. The average time for affiliate application to be approved can range anywhere from 1 to 3 business days. The team goes through the applications in order of the submission. If you have any questions, you can easily reach the affiliate manager.

Advantages of Joining with Peerfly Affiliate Program:

  • Regularly updated deals
  • With Peerfly, you have several interesting offers for the marketers to promote (2000+ offers)
  • Receive 5 percent referral commission
  • Have several variant of deals which include Free Trial, Submit Email, Download, Etc
  • Reward Program for Contests
  • Payout can be opted with the help of Paypal or the check option
  • Peerfly affiliate provides a great support with its affiliate manager

As confirmed by the Peerfly website, the company flaunts more than 250,000 registered marketers opting for an affiliate program. Out of this 75,000 users are now active in more than 165 countries. Additionally, the company has reported more than 1 Billion clicks along with 8 Million of total conversions. Peerfly also has a full-time compliance team that is known for its unparalleled talent for fraud detection.

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