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How to stay away from Back Pain with Ayurveda treatment?

Vertebral column is the most important part of the body, with regards to the body’s movement. Vertebral column is instituted by a collection of 32 vertebrae (or rubber like discs). Vertebrae plays an important part in supporting the body weight and helping in smooth movements. They are also shock absorbers. Most of the back pain, felt by modern patients, happens in the back and neck regions of the body. And logically so, because the movement in these parts is higher in proportion.

Diseases that cause backache

A backache can be caused in many parts of the back (such as bones, disc, muscles or nerves). Ageing is a common cause for the degeneration of the back, but backache may also be caused by an injury or blow to the back. When the vertebrae moves closer than its usual position it creates a gap causing significant pain when you move or flex your muscles. Backache can also cause other related problems such as spondylosis or arthritis of the joints or even tumors. But if you are affected by backache only recently, then there are many simple ways to get over this pain. Some of them are related to minor lifestyle changes.

Combating Backache through Lifestyle changes

  • Keep your vertebral column straight while you are standing, sitting or walking.
  • Before you lift a heavy object, make sure that you can actually lift it.
  • Make it a practice to sleep only on hard surfaces.
  • Eat food that is high on calcium and vitamins. Leafy vegetables should be included in your diet.
  • Avoid smoking or alcohol consumption.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Backache

While rest is the most effective treatment for backache, but the ancient texts of Indian medicinal science, aka Ayurveda, also have many cures for this painful condition. Massage using the essential herbal oil and the use medicated boiled water (enriched with leaves of tobacco, avanakku, tamarind and erukku) are some of the best remedies for backache. You need to bathe in lukewarm water, when you face backache. You are also advised to sleep on a wooden cot and keep pillows under the knees. Make sure that the massage on your back is carried out by an experienced Ayurvedic expert. If the problems persist even after you have adhered to such remedies, then seek consultation from a good physician.

Without any side effects, Ayurvedic treatment is the best recourse for many painful conditions. So, try it today to cure the backache you have been experiencing.

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