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How to Stay Fit as a Senior

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Seniors tend to fall back on countless excuses to avoid exercising. Most of them can be boiled down to these three: they say there is hardly a point to it, they are afraid of injuries and they find the steep path up the fitness ladder exceedingly frustrating. However, these are all actually solid reasons to get your fitness groove on, especially if you feel too weak and if the rheumatic pain has riddled your body. Of course, you will have to pay extra attention to joints and certain muscle groups, but it is far from impossible. Here’s how to stay fit as a senior!

Use distractions

If you dislike exercising because it makes you feel miserable, there are numerous ways to “hack” the pain your body goes through. The easiest method to push through the initial hardship is to use distractions. You can listen to music, podcasts, and audio books or have a companion you can converse with while you, for example, do Pilates or lift weights. Your body will need a few months to get used to regular exercise, and after that stretch of time has passed, you can ditch the distractions, of course, as long as you find them unnecessary.

Have a companion

However, if the aforementioned companion encourages you to work harder and better, they can be a great asset on your path to athletic body. Seniors can be hard to motivate, especially if they have a lot on their mind. Therefore, having a gym buddy or a personal trainer can make all the difference in the world. The bond and consistency through conversations that tie into each other as each session commences are a great way to keep yourself hooked for years! In addition, it does not matter where or how you exercise as long as you have a good “partner in crime”. Gym is not an exclusive shrine for getting your body fit.

Walk and talk

The worst thing you can do is to retreat into the house and dwell in it for the rest of your days. Life is for the living, so you should pursue goals and joie de vivre until you draw your last breath. If you are not particularly fit yet, you should just venture out and go on long walks with friends, anything that keeps you moving.

Choosing the right retirement community can make all the difference in the world in this regard. Notice that we are discussing a retirement “community,” not a “home”. The finest aged care facilities akin to New Direction Care offer a lot of freedom and wellness programs along with quality air and, above all else, a vibrant population of seniors you can interact with. For example, a two-hour walk session with a group of friends each night can do miracles for your body.

Your goal is to stop the clock where it matters

Everyone gets old. If you are obsessively using beauty products, smoke and mirrors to look young, you have taken up a futile goal. Getting into fitness for the same reason is just as misguided. Your goal should be to stop the clock where it matters, and it comes down to increasing strength and muscle efficiency, joint flexibility, endurance, agility and balance. In addition, regular exercise will strengthen your cardiovascular system.

This is why you should prioritize cardio exercises and stretching over weight lifting, though all of it helps as long as it is done in moderation and under proper guidance. Remember: the best bet for you is to have a professional trainer in your corner, someone who will advise you properly and monitor your progress! If you try to do it completely by yourself, you may actually realize one of the worst senior fears about exercising – getting injured.

Do you feel as if the time is trampling all over you? Taking up a fitness regime will not deplete your final energy reserves; instead, it will help you tap into new ones! Remember: life is movement, so as long as you keep on moving and pushing your body to its limits, you will be happy and healthy! This is not a matter of opinion or perspective. It is a scientific fact!

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