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How to store your woolen clothes in summers

Storing winter clothes in summers can often be a challenge if you are new to it. There are some common mistakes that people usually do which leads to damaging of the winter wear, especially leather jackets and all. So it is always advisable to research well and be aware of all the pro tips to keep these issues at bay. To make your research easy, we are here sharing some of these tips that will help you do it with ease and you will have absolutely no hassles later with any of your winter clothes.

  1. Dry clean: It is imperative to dry clean/laundry all your clothes before packing them away. This is mainly because you are going to store them away for a long time so they should not have any traces of perfumes, lotions, and odour as they can lead to very strong bad odour, stains, growth of molds, etc.
  1. Machine dry: Everytime you are about to store away your winter clothes in the off season, you should machine dry all of them to ensure there is absolutely no moisture. If you cant machine dry, at least dry them properly under the sun at least for good two days atleast. These will prevent growth of molds/pests while they are packed away.
  1. The correct spot: This is another very important reason that people do not pay much heed to. You should always store your winter wear in a place that is cool, dry and away from sunlight. You should also ensure that area is free of humidity as it can lead to mold and mildew. Some ideal places includes, storing them under the bed, or on top shelves of your wardrobe.
  1. Proper packaging: You should not stuff multiple clothes in a single plastic. Rather try to keep them in as many different packets as possible to ensure breath ability. Also remember to keep few naphthalene balls in between to avoid bacterial growth

De-clutter: Believe it or not, this should be your first check! The problem with most of us is that we keep on hoarding certain winter clothes knowing that we might not ever wear them, but still keep them because either it is very special to you for some reason. However, giving them away to the needy is a better option. This way you are not only saving some space but also helping someone who probably cannot afford to buy a new piece.

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