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How to strategize for digital marketing in 2018?

Every year brings with it new headaches for the business owners. Getting heaps of online sales is not so easy now. No, we are not even pondering over the competition in your business niche. The point we are focusing on is the changing preferences of consumers. The last year gifted the digital marketers with a new statistic: more than 54% of online surfers showed reluctance in clicking on those banner ads! Think about the money that was wasted on these ads! This is why 2018 would force the brands, and more importantly their digital marketing agencies, to dish out something new. So, what should be a part of your digital marketing strategy? Let’s see:

Remove the Bells & Whistles

Last year told us that: consumers do not come at websites through random searches. They research and learn about a brand before they visit. And when they arrive at your website, they are looking for quick solutions. So, it is time to cut down on all those preaching content at the home page and give the surfers just what they are after – solutions. Image galleries, attractive designs and an engaging UI is the way forward for brands in 2018!

Frequent SEO Audits

It is time to get proactive! And that means every minor glitch in your web presence should be removed at the earliest. While, in the prior years you were quite happy to perform SEO audit once in a blue moon, you need to change that practice today. SEO audits should become a much regular practice and the changes should be carried out really quick. Ideally, you should go in for deep down SEO audit once every couple of months!

Prioritize Blogging

Brands can de-prioritize blogging, at their own peril. The last year taught us that brands with an attractive and updated blog are faring much better (in terms of conversions) than the ones who do not have keen interest in blogging. Consumers found brands with informative content (through Blogs) more reliable. They were keener in raising product or service related queries in the comments boxes. Blogs have become key lead generation tools and helps you boost the link profile too!

Refine Email Marketing Strategy

Email marketing strategies evolved significantly in 2017. Emailers became more targeted, geo specific and need based. Some of the brands even went as far as connecting to their prospective customers through email polls. Others reaped the benefits of placing their services and products shrewdly inside the mails. It is important to break down the audiences and target them with emailers that they would love to take a read.

Hope we have been able to aware you of some digital marketing strategies that can give you a lead over others in 2018!

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