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How to successfully hire international contractors

To find success overseas and build up a business with a bright future, it is necessary to have an awareness of local business customs and practices. This includes the knowledge that, in lots of foreign countries, there are few employment laws specifically designed to safeguard the interests of employers and company owners. Instead, most of the laws are there to protect employees. This is a good thing for them, but it does mean that you can be left at risk, and you can be particularly vulnerable when it comes to hiring independent contractors.

If hiring internationally, it is strongly advised that you draw up a contract defining the worker’s role. The most common cause of employer penalties and reputational damage is a lack of clarity regarding the status of independent contractors.

These further tips will help you learn how to successfully hire contractors internationally.

Use online matching tools

To protect your interests, it is much saferto find international contractors through a matching platform like oDesk, Guru, or Elance. The majority of these sites are free to usefor employers because they charge the contractor a small commission for finding and connecting them with suitable jobs,and employers can search for contractors by country as well as by skillset and availability. The best part is that you can research candidates by browsing their profiles, thereby starting to get to know the person you’re considering employing before committing to a hire.

Keep communicating

If you want to find success and prosperity overseas, like businessman and entrepreneur Fahad Alrajaan, you need to be willing to stay engaged with your employees, whether they are official staff members or independent contractors. This means checking in at various stages; do not assume that you can set a task and then simply come back when it is done.

As a business expert who has worked on a wide range of projects in many countries, Fahad Alrajaan is a man who knows the value of sustained employee interaction.The people who work for him feel valued and respected by his treating them as human beings rather than robots, something which many employers forget to do, particularly when they’re busy. As a result, Fahad can be confident of getting good quality work in return; he demonstrates a perfect balance of give and take.

Running a project on an international scale can be a real challenge, with obstacles like time zone differences and language barriers to contend with but, with so many years of experience, it’s something Fahad takes in his stride.

Be polite but unambiguous

You should keep in mind that communication and politeness will be slightly different overseas. For example, whilst there are certain cultures, the US and the UK among them, which are quite straightforward and place a lot of importance on speaking your mind, there are some others which are much more reserved. For people from such countries, it can be more difficult to speak up and disagree with or question employment arrangements. You can get around this by simply asking, clearly and unambiguously, whether or not an independent contractor has any reservations with what you have asked them to do.

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