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How to take care of your washing machine

All household appliances needs care and health check after every intervals. All machines face wear and tear and hence needs scrutiny after every few months. One such appliance is your washing machine. Now many of you would think that washing machine is such that gets clean after every use, but this is not the truth. After every use, the dirt and lint from the clothes gets collected in a compartment and this build up, over a time, can cause damage to the machine and interrupt its functioning.

Below are certain tips that might be handy for you while ensuring that your washing machine is in the pink of its help:

  1. Clean the filter: The filter is the dirtiest part of a washing machine, as all the dirt and residue is collected and trapped there. Cleaning the filter should be done at least once every week to ensure good hygiene. Since all machines are designed differently, it is advisable that you check the manual that came along with your washing machine and see where exactly is the filter located. It also usually mentions the steps to clean the filter.
  1. Use less detergent: The detergents that are manufactured these days are made so effective anyway that you need not use oodles of it. The small quantity also should be just appropriate for your usage. Moreover, since you are cleaning your clothes regularly they must nit even be that dirty too wash and clean.
  1. Clean the detergent tray: Detergent tray is another important area that needs cleaning regularly. You just have to pull it out (in case it is detachable), and just rub a toothbrush on it and clean it properly. Detergent residue/pileup in the corners of the tray can lead to detergent patches on the clothes at times after drying.
  1. Run an empty hot cycle: Though this might sound bizarre to you but it actually works. Select the hot mode in your panel and run an empty cycle for a short duration. This ensures that the inside of the machines gets rinsed properly with the hot water reaching every nook and corner.
  1. Look for the ‘cleaning mode’: With the latest designs, many of the manufacturing companies have included the ‘cleaning mode’ in the washing machines. Do check your washing machine’s manual to check if it is there in your machine too. If it is there, read the instructions carefully and follow the steps. This might just be the easiest yet most effective way to clean your washing machine.

We are sure all these tips and tricks will help you have your washing machine working properly for a long time.


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