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How to Travel With a Pet?

You would have seen one of those movies where the protagonist roams around the town with his/her favorite pet. Have you ever thought of taking your pet along while traveling? Read this blog post if you want to know how to travel with a pet.

travel with pet

The smart residents of this contemporary generation are more attached with their pets than their fellow humans. If you are a pet lover, you would relate to this. You spend more time to your pet than with your siblings perhaps. And you can’t even help it because you are inseparable from your pet. If you have a TV and Internet subscription, you would have witnessed a good number of shows and movies where the owners of the pets keep their pets along at all times. It seems like their pets are inseparable from them and it is no hassle to keep the pets along while driving, or even taking a flight. Well, this is how it is in the movies. And what is it really like?

It definitely is more difficult than in the movies.but don’t worry, we are doing to discuss the matter in this blog post and help you with some very helpful and amazing tips to travel with your pet. Are you ready to take an adventurous, fun trip with your four-legged, beloved companion? Here you go.


Whether it is a globetrotting adventure or you are going to stay at some relatives’ place nearby, or you are going on a long drive, you need to pack well. Packing for your pet, whether a pup or a cat, is entirely different from packing stuff for yourself. Take along plenty of toys, extra food items, blankets to keep them comfy and to give them home-like vibes, and not to forget, a collapsible bowl for their essential hydration. Always check the weather of the place that you are vacationing at. If you have a furry dog as a pet and the place you are visiting is too hot, you might want to take along a cooling vest. Or perhaps if the place is intensely chill, you need to take along warm blankets or sweaters.

Road Trip

If it’s a road trip, and a long one, then you need to make your pup or cat familiar with the car environment and long drives. Before you take the real drive, take them to a park or a shopping center on a car a few times to make them accustomed to staying inside the car. Create this positive association between the car and the pet to have a comfortable and hassle-free journey. Also, to avoid car sickness, do not feed your pup or cat just before you set off. Keep the temperature in the car cool and for safety, consider a harness.

On the Airport

If the traveling is through a flight, take the leash of your pup and take a walk before you arrive at the terminal. Modern airports now have outdoor zones for pet relief. Again, do not stuff your pet with snacks just before the flight, especially if it’s a dog. Dogs are prone to bad and upset stomachs particularly if they are not used to flying.

On an Airplane

Most importantly, do not give your pup unnecessary medication to calm down. And if they are flying in cargo, it’s a major No No. Drugs can easily interfere with the dog’s natural ability to regulate the body temperature. If you are that overprotective pet owner who is just too conscious of your pup’s stress levels, you can try a DAP collar. It essentially emits stress-zapping, effective hormones.

In the Hotel

Needless to say, stay at a pet-friendly hotel. Some of the easy and convenient tips to keep your pet busy are:

  • Leave the TV on for some comforting and engaging background noise while perhaps you are away or busy.
  • Use a ‘do not disturb’ sign while you are away so that the housekeeping or any visitor doesn’t scare your dear pup.
  • Set up a nice and comfortable ‘safe space’ for your pup in the room to make him feel at home.

It is not as hard to take your pet along on traveling as we think, so you can give it a try. Just keep this stuff in mind and try to be as careful as you can. Keep your pet secure and encourage it to be friendly with others, especially if it is a foreign country. 

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